Philosophy Answer Writing Practice - Week 8 - Question 1

90 Days Philosophy Answer Writing Practice Question 1 for 22-Jan-2018

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22-Jan-2018 Question 1

Write a critical note on the attributes of God. (2015/10)

Model Answer

The term 'attributes of God' refers to qualities describing God, or characteristics of the divine nature, as God has revealed them to us in Scripture.


  1. Important attribute of god
  2. Power to know everything- past, present and future
  3. To explain god as
    1. Object of worship
    2. Perfect and highest entity
    3. Law of karma

Freedom of will- bound to act a/c to God's knowledge (Solution- psychologist- doesn t affect freedom of will)

Sinful activities


Omniscient v/s eternity (God has knowledge of material object- changes in object- change in knowledge- change in god- Eternity is compromised) (Solution- On level of god there is no difference b/w past, present and future)- god is aware of every level so there is no change at his level



  1. Important attribute of god
  2. Present everywhere and in everything, all-pervading
  3. Accepted as perfect and infinite.
  • Eternity v/s prayer- If prayer brings change, eternity is not there (God has many other qualities- no change)
  • Worshipper and worshipped difference goes away
  • Present in every ve object too
  • Presence of evil
  • Difficult to explain change and destruction
  1. Theists unanimously affirm that God exists eternally- neither beginning nor end
  2. Different possibilities- Timeless, Everlasting and eternal and temporal
  3. Timeless- God exists outside of time
    • God has neither temporal extension nor temporal location- no before, during and after (Augustine, Aquinas and Anselm)
    • He knows all events timelessly
    • A perfect model of existence is timeless rather than temporal (means change with time- not compatible with god)
    • Relativity theory- time and space are conjoined- none exists without other- God is non-spatial so he must be timeless or non-temporal as well
    • Objection- Timelessness would restrict God's knowledge to timeless truths only, such as two plus two equals four
  4. Everlasting- Neither beginning nor end, yet God exists temporally- forever in time
    • God is actively involved in the world- has a history of the world- performing a succession of events
    • God must have certain temporal relations with the world- so he must be temporal
  5. Eternal and temporal-
    • God existed without temporal duration, but at the creation of the universe God was drawn into temporal relation
    • Supported by Christian philosopher William Lane Craig
    • Objection- Incoherent view- God capable of changing even in timeless state- no change is possible without time- God could not have been fully timeless
Note: The model answer is only for your reference and not an ideal answer for the question.

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