Philosophy Answer Writing Practice - Week 12 - Question 4

90 Days Philosophy Answer Writing Practice Question 2 for 21-Feb-2018

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21-Feb-2018 - Question 2

Can pluralist perspective vindicate Absolute Truth ? (2014/10)
Model Answer

Religious pluralism is evident due to different claims of different religions; these claims are sometimes even contradictory. This leads to the problem of absolute truth. Thinkers have tried to synthesize them for a harmonious existence.

Pluralism find its manifestation in Atheism, Agnosticism, Religious Relativism, Religious inclusivity, Religious exclusivists . Their claims are challenged by Myth of neutrality, that there is no objective criteria to decide that what is true and Justice objection which holds that how can salvation be denied to unaware people.

Further John Hick gives the pluralistic hypothesis which can be compared to the story of 6 binds and an elephant but the synthesis can be found in aspectual hypothesis and the Saydvada of Jainas which hold that absolute truth has many aspects and different religions are knowing only the partial few aspects of it.

However plurality does not diminish the stature of the absolute it only increase its number of aspects . While the interreligious harmony lies in accepting and appreciating the differences as suggested by Dalai Lama.

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