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90 Days Philosophy Answer Writing Practice Question 1 for 21-Feb-2018

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21-Feb-2018 Question 1

How can religious language be verified?Is it correct to say that religious language is verified because it can not be falsified? Discuss.(2015/20)
Model Answer

Religious language is trans empirical hence difficult to verify but there are different views regarding it such is cognitive, semi cognitive and non-cognitive.

Cognitive view says that religious language is verifiable and a theist can very well experience the presence of god in his life, further Theory of Eschatology is advanced which saws that at the end time everything will be explained.

Theory of analogy which was given by Palleys watch analogy was utilized by Aquinas to refute equivocal and unequivocal language for God. Finally, the non- cognitivists like RB Brethwite believe that religious language is not cognizable but is a moral assertion and its evidence can be seen in the life of the follower. So, it is non-cognitive but meaningful.

Further, Antony flew deny it on the basis that it can t be also falsified. Hence a description which can t be falsified is not correct. So, he denies Religious language.

Logical positivists completely deny any metaphysical description as non-cognitive and meaningless. AJ Ayer completely rejects it on the basis of no empirical verifiability.

Finally, later Wittgenstein accept the limitation of language and propose the Game theory.

Finally, Religious language is a source of knowledge for the believer but has no empirical verifiability hence its acceptance lies in the realm of faith.

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