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90 Days Philosophy Answer Writing Practice Question 2 for 09-Feb-2018

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09-Feb-2018 - Question 2

Is the idea of immortality of soul utopian or it is realizable ? Discuss (2012/20)
Model Answer

The immortality of the soul is an important religious belief which indicates a specific attitude of life and world of a religious person. The soul is regarded as a non-physical, independent and spiritual entity which is different from the body, mind and sense organs. Immortality of soul' refers to the survival of the soul even after the death of the body, thus it believes in the eternal existence of the soul.

The immortality of the soul has been maintained by both western and eastern philosophers. Among westerners- Plato, Kant and Descartes are the prominent ones. Semitic religion like Islam, Christian and Judaism believe that body is essential for the soul and after the death immortality of the soul is maintained through a new resurrected body.

In Indian philosophy, Materialists like Charvaka and Buddhists rejects the conception of permanent soul and others accept the existence of disembodied soul though they differ about the nature of the soul like Sankhya equated soul with Purusa and so on.

Several arguments have been proposed to prove the immortality of the soul viz.

metaphysical and epistemological argument by Plato, moral arguments by Kant, an argument based on conservation of energy, an argument based on conservation of values etc. Similarly, counter-arguments are also proposed by the disbelievers to prove their viewpoints. The argument based on humanism or this worldliness is one of the foremost among them.

Various arguments to prove the immortality of the soul has been enumerated by the Indian Schools of philosophy. It includes- law of karma, the authority of Vedas & Bhagwat Gita. Moreover, according to Gita, the soul is a part of God and hence it cannot be mortal. However, Charvaka and Buddhism rejected the whole idea of soul and said there is no such thing as a soul.

Therefore, we may conclude that the immortality of the soul can neither be proved nor disproved by the mere arguments. Moreover, in the realm of religion and ethics, belief and faith have very significant role dominated by personal beliefs of the individuals.

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