Philosophy Answer Writing Practice - Week 10 - Question 5

90 Days Philosophy Answer Writing Practice Question 1 for 09-Feb-2018

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09-Feb-2018 Question 1

What is the nature of mystical experience? (2013/15)
Model Answer

Mystical experience is a one of the deepest religious experience, which is in purest and concentrated form. It is the cutest, intense, and living experience of supreme reality. Mystics claim to have the most direct and intimate experience of the divine presence.

Due to nature of mystical experience, it is open to different interpretations. Nature of mystical experiences:

It is absolutely different from the ordinary experience. It is completely devoid of all perceptions, thoughts, emotions, desires etc. It is this element of indescribability which makes it a mystic experience.

In such an experience, there is a great element of subjectivity. Most often, mystics experience is understood as individual communion with supreme reality. One can receive these very subjective experiences as vision, dreams, revelations etc.

Mystical experience defies expression because it has no adequate report of its content which can be given in words. It is essentially extra-rational elements. It is some sort of revelation and illumination. It is also not permanent but transitory in nature.

Therefore, such nature makes this experience open to different interpretations. Sometimes the mystic state is criticised as the neurotic state. In the neurotic, social adjustment and mental integration is lacking. But in mystical experiences comprise these things. These mystic peoples are highly significant and in fact, they are to be called as supernormal states.

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