Philosophy Answer Writing Practice 2018 - Week 5 - Question 5

90 Days Philosophy Answer Writing Practice Question 1 for 14-Dec-2018

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14-Dec-2018 - Question 1

Explain Husserl's reasons for advocating phenomenological reductionism. (2017)

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Model Answer

Husserl’s phenomenology is the study of things as they appear. The central task of phenomenology is to provide a clear, undistorted description of the ways things appear in our consciousness.

Making philosophy as a rigorous science and pre-supposition less is the aim of Husserl. His main objective was to know the objects in the real sense by reaching up to the PURE PHENOMENA.

To RETURN TO THE OBJECTS he says PHILOSOPHY BEGINS IN ABSOLUTE POVERTY. In other words, he says to reach the pure phenomena, we have to clear the pollutants that have polluted our consciousness – One is external i.e., Naturalistic beliefs and other is internal i.e., psychological beliefs.

To get rid of naturalistic beliefs, Husserl proposes Epoche/Bracketing.

And to get rid of psychological beliefs / internal pollutants, he proposes Reductions. And Phenomenological Reduction is one such reduction.

Phenomenological Reductionism:   To make our consciousness free of from all mental states and to purify it. Exclusion of “All that is transcendentally posited” that which is existing apart , independent , beyond and over our consciousness . Our consciousness is influenced by surrounding mental states like moods, feelings, happiness, biases etc.

It is this pure phenomena that constitutes the field of phenomenological investigation. Pure phenomena stands for pure essences here and freeing consciousness from all mental states is the first step towards it.

Here, he tries to keep consciousness separate from presupposed psychological beliefs. He tries to detach our self from such beliefs for time being in order to keep consciousness in pure form.

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