Philosophy Answer Writing Practice 2018 - Week 4 - Question 5

90 Days Philosophy Answer Writing Practice Question 1 for 07-Dec-2018

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07-Dec-2018 - Question 1

Will a severe punishment for crimes against women change the mindset of society? Justify your position (2017)

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Model Answer

Utilitarian philosophers support that sever punishments for crimes against women act as a deterrent on the society and hence change the mindset of the society.

e.g., Indian government has enacted Domestic Violence Act, Nirbhaya Act following the Delhi gang-rape incident.

Deterrent punishment is in fact based on the doctrine of freedom of will, according to which a person is free to do as he pleases. Society, should therefore, try to discipline him and bring his behavior into conformity with generally accepted standards by giving him deterrent punishment for violating laws. His example, would then act as a lesson to other members of society, as to what the consequence of committing such a crime is. Capital punishment is the extreme form of deterrent punishment.

However, there is a tangible example of failure of punishment as a deterrent to crime, is the fact that in countries where capital punishment has been abolished, deterrent at the general level failed, as there has not been an increase in crimes meeting such punishment, once it has been abolished.

Hence, it is only a responsible society that can bring about change in the mindset of the society.

The reasons for crimes against women may lie deep within the patriarchal mindset of Indian society. So, severe punishment can act only when society changes its mindset an when it stops treating women as commodity.

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