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90 Days Philosophy Answer Writing Practice Question 2 for 05-Dec-2018

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05-Dec-2018 - Question 2

Discuss in the context of anarchy whether the freedom of an individual is consistent with the sovereignty of the state (2017)

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Model Answer

On a broader note, Anarchism is the attempt to eradicate all forms of domination. So Anarchists include wide variety of thinkers ranging from socialists to individualists. However, all of them have one common aim – the abolition of an authoritarian state, with its routine use of violence, the force of law and its institutionalized irresponsibility.

Kropotkin one of the key anarchists says – “Human society has the profound ability to respond to each other’s needs as well as collectively create things for social reproduction, this character has immensely reduced the need for a government”.

He further in his essay “Anarchism – Its Philosophy and Ideal” shows that he imagined social organizations performing political and economic functions in an anarchist society, thereby reducing the capacity of the state for centralisation.

This ideology culminates in the libertarian anarchism that is propagated by Herbert spencer and F.A. Hayek, they stand for restricting the role of state to a minimum possible night-watchman state, and envisage the development of lasseiz-faire individualism based market society, where the interference of state is minimum, thus limiting the sovereignty of modern state.

Anarchism takes an optimistic view on the nature of human. They vouch for self-regulation of societies owing to their ability to collective organization. But if this was true, the ills afflicting human society under the state (as pointed out by Kropotkin) would not have arisen.

In the contemporary world of international issues, such as terrorism, cross border crime and climate change, the need for regulation has become pressing which is possible only with authority of the state and international cooperation.

e.g., Sustainable Development Goals No 17 seeks to strengthen global partnership and global governance to regulate the present day world which would supplement the authority of the state.

(Conclusion taken verbatim from OP GAUBA Social and Political Philosophy)

However, various schools of anarchism draw our attention to the tyranny of economic and political power which makes the life of people so miserable! Its significance lies in devising suitable means to curb that power. That will restore justice in society and pave the way for human emancipation.


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