Philosophy Answer Writing Practice 2018 - Week 11 - Question 6

90 Days Philosophy Answer Writing Practice Question 1 for 25-Jan-2019

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25-Jan-2019 - Question 1

What is evolution according to Sri Aurobindo? Describe the process of triple transformation and the nature of gnostic being in his philosophy (2018)

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Model Answer

Evolution according to Maharshi Aurobindo:

Sri Aurobindo defines Evoution in his ‘Life Divine’ as, nothing but the progressive unfolding of Spirit out of the destiny of material consciousness and the gradual self-revelation of God out of this apparent animal being. He argues, ‘there seems to be no reason why Life should not evolve out of material elements or Mind out of living forms, unless we accept the Vedantic solution that life is already involved in matter and mind in life’.

The process of Existence emerging out is referred to as evolution it is a logical subsequent of involution. It emerges from simple to complex forms, and so far we have noticed three important stages in the process of evolution, they are the stages of matter, life and mind. At present we are living in the mind plane. The process of evolution is a process of heightening, widening and integration.

Hence, Evolution is an ascent from a less manifest condition of the Consciousness Force to a more manifest condition.

It is shown below in the diagram:

Triple Transformation of the man:

Maharshi Aurobindo says man is born as a product of inconscience that is immanent in matter that he evolved out of. As a result of this he does not know the nature or reality in its true essence. To overcome these limitations, individual embarks on a process of self-discovery through a process of ‘triple transformation’ to uncover his ‘divine nature’:

  1. Psychicisation: First step of the integral Yoga which involves persistent effort to realize the centrality of psychic being. It is a movement to the depths of life, where one sees the unity of creation of all.
  2. Spiritualization: As a result of the change in the first step, individual’s mind opens out to higher consciousness, and he experiences knowledge through revelation culminating in supramental perception.
  3. Supramentalization: It refers to the bringing down of the supramental consciousness, and the resulting transformation of the entire being, mind, heart, and the physical being. Concsiousness is fully divinized here.

Nature of Gnostic Being:

As per Aurobindo, one who has undergone complete and comprehensive change through the illumination of pure knowledge is called Gnostic Being also known as Supramental Being.

The Gnostic being:

  • Through the supramental transformation will attain a godly status.
  • Is that person, in whom the complete knowledge get reflected owing to his pure mind.
  • His mind is pure through the knowledge of dharmic values.
  • It’s mind is cleansed with values and morals.
  • Sachchidananda the center of all knowledge gets reflected in its pure mind.
  • It is a complete enjoyment and possession of the whole divine and spiritual nature.


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