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    New Batch for Intensive News Analysis (Current Affairs) for Pre cum Mains by MK Yadav starting on 21st Oct.
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  • Pavan Kumar IAS Academy

    Profile photo of Pavan Kumar (Pavan Kumar IAS Academy)

    Pavan Kumar (Pavan Kumar IAS Academy)

    Pavan Kumar is a Post Graduate in Economics from Hyderabad Central University. He is a versatile teacher with strong command in Indian Polity & Governance, Economics, Public Administration and Ethics. Pavan Sir is known for his easy accessibility to the students and providing constructive and thoughtful analysis about the strengths and weakness of the candidates.

    Career Highlight

    He has given lectures in training academy for Civil Servant in Ethics and Governance.
    Worked with Indian Express and other newspaper.
    Worked in the United Kingdom.
    Topper In Pub Ad & Economics in Civil Service Exam.
    Has 15 plus years of teaching experience in Civil Service Preparation.

    Current Status

    He is the most popular teacher for Public Administration and Ethics for Civil Service Preparation. He is the founder of Pavan Kumar IAS Academy. The institute has consistently produced toppers in Civil Service Exam since 2006. Pavan Kumar has a good grasp of the demand for UPSC CSE exam. He has been able to predict the relevant questions in CSE and mold his study with the changing trend of UPSC.

    Courses Offered

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    Student Testimonials

    • "Dear Pavan Sir, With extreme pleasure i would like to extend my heart fealt gratitude towards you for your constant support, guidance and valuable inputs which helped me reliase my dream. Your unwavering faith in my ability to excel boosted my confidence and kept my moral. I look forward your blessings for my successful career ahead. Thanking you."

      -- Ashima Mittal, AIR 12

    • "This course by far is the best test series module available on public administration. Pavan Sir is true to his commitment towards students. His classes are insightful, enriching and prepares a robust foundation for the subject. Neostencil is indeed a powerful disruption by using technology to provide classes online. There is no difference versus an actual class room. Infact, online classes provides flexibility and comfort . I want to thank Pavan Sir for his efforts and wish neostencil all the very best in their future endeavours."


    • "I attended Pavan Kumar sir’s Public administration Test Series which helped me throughout in GS, Public Administration as well as in Interview. Pavan sir guidance in answer writing helped me immensely in GS as well. I am thankful to him for being always approachable and available as a mentor during the exam."

      -- Akriti Sagar, AIR 239, 2015

    • "Pavan Sir’s public administration test series and his simple, easy to understand approach towards the subject was very helpful. Easy tips by Pavan Sir like writing the answers in point format, writing multiple points rather than explaining a single one, writing of the answers in simple manner focusing on the basics, etc have been very useful."

      -- Abhinav Goel, AIR 36, 2015

    • "Hello everyone, I Sagar Kumar, have secured AIR 13 in CSE 2017. I have been a regular student of Pavan Kumar IAS General studies paper 2 and prepared for Ethics, I have found the classes very insightful and focused towards the new pattern of the exam. One-on-One sessions with the respected sir during the mock interview were enriching. I would like the end with the statement often repeated in Sir classes which have been highly beneficial "Civil services preparation begins and ends with newspaper reading""

      -- Sagar Kumar, AIR 13, CSE-2017

    • "I am very grateful to Pavan Sir invaluable guidance. The thing which distinguishes Pavan Sir is that while focusing on theory, he emphasis even more on the application and practical aspect of Public Administration. He beautifully mixes Ethics in Public Administration teachings."

      -- Gaurav Saini, AIR 89, CSE-2017

    • "The Ethics classes of Pavan sir are so interesting that i will never forget these. Thanks to Pavan sir as well as ultimately "Neostencil" (which is very much cooperative and problem solving)"


    • "I would like to thank Pavan Sir for his guidance in GS preparation esp. Ethics and Polity and Governance. I referred Sir’s class notes for Ethics and PubAd Paper2 notes for Polity and Governance. Post tests discussions have helped me in GS Paper 2 and Essay as well."

      -- Rohit Vyas, AIR 69, 2016

    • "Study material, test copy evaluation, doubt clarification by Sir, live classes followed by the advantage of class revision. All this was unreal for me as I could not imagine that sitting at my home in Ranchi, I can get all the same facilities as my friends staying in Delhi and preparing for IAS."

      -- Riya Sharma, UNREAL FOR ME

    • "I had serious financial crunches and therefore couldn't afford to stay in Delhi throughout the course validity also I personally always preferred to study Ethics & Pub Ad from Pavan Sir. NeoStencil website is a big relief as it gave the liberty of revising the classes at one's own ease, watching them unlimited times throughout course validity."


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