Refer & Earn Scheme

Referral Scheme NeoStencil

NeoStencil has initiated, "Refer and Earn scheme". Now, you can refer your friend to buy a paid course on our platform and you will get up to Rs 5000 Paytm cash!

Details of the Refer & Earn scheme

1. You purchase a course from NeoStencil.
2. We generate a referral coupon if you already don’t have one. If you have purchased a course in the past, you can access your referral code on your dashboard.
3. You share your referral coupon with your friends.
4. You can share your referral coupon with any number of people.
5. For every purchase that your friends make using the coupon, you get cashback.
6. The cashback amount from one referral is 10% of the course price or Rs. 5000 whichever is lesser. (e.g. if your friend purchase a course 7. priced 35,000, you get 3500 as cashback. If you friend purchases a course priced 90,000, you get 5000.)
7. Each of your friends can only use the coupon only once.
8. There is no limit on how much cashback you can earn. More friends you share your code with more, you earn.
9. The referral coupon redemption is subject to fair usage policy. 

Example of how the Refer & Earn Scheme works

  • Preeti purchases a course from NeoStencil.
  • NeoStencil generates a referral coupon code for that purchase.
  • Preeti shares the list of her friends, who would like to buy our courses.
  • NeoStencil gauges the interest of Preeti's friend and Aman decides to buy our courses
  • Aman purchases a course using Preeti’s code. Preeti gets the cashback.
  • Shilpa, another friend of Preeti also decides to buy our courses
  • Shilpa purchases a course using Preeti’s code. Preeti again gets a cashback.
  • A coupon can be redeemed any number of times subject to a fair usage policy.
  • At the time of redemption, Preeti’s friend is asked to enter the coupon code

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