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  • New Batch for Intensive News Analysis (Current Affairs) for Pre cum Mains by MK Yadav starting on 21st Oct.
    New Batch for Intensive News Analysis (Current Affairs) for Pre cum Mains by MK Yadav starting on 21st Oct.
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  • Mohammad Tarique Khan

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    Md. Tarique Khan

    Mohammad Tarique Khan has successfully coached hundreds of IAS aspirants in the last 22 years including many rankers from 1 to 20.

    Apart from teaching and guiding students of Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi Mohammad Tarique Khan is also helping , guiding and coaching IAS aspirants in Rajendra Nagar, Mukherji Nagar, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Banglore and many other cities. He is also the author of Modern Indian History and Adhunik Bharat Ka Itihaas (Tata McGraw-Hill) which has become very popular among the IAS aspirants.

    Mohammad Tarique Khan has a unique experience of both academic research-teaching and professional coaching which helps in understanding the nuances, variety and the depth of subject besides predicting the questions

    The most popular teacher of History among the IAS aspirants for his Unique style, thought-provoking and to the point lectures With history as his academic background, his class lectures and class notes helps students to appear in the Preliminary and Main examinations with great confidence. His ability to connect past with present not only helps a student to understand the contemporary issues confronting the nation but also makes the study of past both lively and interesting. With the variety and depth, students in his class attain maturity. His poetry recitation related to the concerned theme makes his lectures a sheer delight.

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    Student Testimonials

    • "5 star to his style of teaching. Highly recommended for all aspirants."

      -- ashraf3, Brilliant but one of the lectures is repeated in two videos

    • "Awesome faculty!!"


    • "The review is not about teacher . Teacher is good but the online course has skipped various topics in all lectures which the teacher mention at the start of every lecture , it seems like all videos are jumbled with various topics missing"

      -- rekha, MISSING TOPICS

    • "I really liked Md. Tarique sir's teaching style. It was fun learning History under him. One point though - A lot of misconception exists about him having an Anti-Hindu bias. This was the feedback given to me. However, this is NOT true. He is as objective as a History teacher can get. In fact, wherever he spoke about Hindu symbols, he gave the due salutations while referring to them. On a couple of occasions I did find him comparing Bajrang Dal and Taliban and that WAS absurd. And such absurdities find way routinely to our leftist intellectual discourse. But beyond such Nehruvian ideals of Secularism, I found his treatment of the content very very fascinating. Also, the treatment of the subject matter was exhaustive. I can now say that I have a bird's eye view of the historical evolution of our country. Lastly, he talks in a sing song way and his lectures have a poetic rhythm to them. That helped tide over a data-heavy subject like History. I would advice other students to take this course, and make the most out of his lectures. And to the faculty, I can only say - Thank you."


    • "Very useful"

      -- Abhinav, Abhinav Gour

    • "Tariq sir has a unique style of teaching. He maintains an amazing flow in teaching history. His stories, jokes and comments can increase anybody's interest in history. Further his approach is secular and balanced, neither leftist nor rightist. As he himself says, History has to be written objectively and not emotionally. However it would have been better if the lectures were arranged in the same sequence as they were taught in class. Further, it seems lectures are of 2015. I had hoped lectures will be of 2016 at least. So kindly arrange the latest lectures from GS mentors."

      -- Anurag Upadhyay, Best History teacher

    • "Whatever was taught was great. But there could be more number of topics in post-independent history as Sir only tells in the first lecture (although they are out of purview of the History teacher). Moreover, study material should also be available as soft copy as I intend to read more on Kindle during my office hours."

      -- Himanshu, Great! But there could be more topics!

    • "Thanks for the lecture sir"

      -- KB, Great


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