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  • New Batch for Intensive News Analysis (Current Affairs) for Pre cum Mains by MK Yadav starting on 21st Oct.
    New Batch for Intensive News Analysis (Current Affairs) for Pre cum Mains by MK Yadav starting on 21st Oct.
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  • M.K Yadav (theIAShub)

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    M.K Yadav (theIAShub)

    Mr. M K Yadav is a lauded Current Affairs & Economics faculty with extensive teaching experience in renowned coaching institutes. He constantly strives towards making the technical attributes of Economics Crisp, lucid and easy to understand. Many of his students have consistently performed well in Civil Services & RBI Grade B Examination.

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    Student Testimonials

    • "I am thankful to MK Yadav Sir whose guidance helped me to score 143 in GS3 which assumed me a place in the 'holy pdf' in my last attempt. Sir's ability to teach the interlinkages between various sub-topics in simple and easy to remember style is highly commendable."

      -- Pranav Anant Kantikar, AIR 166. CSE-2017

    • "Yadav sir's current affairs and QEP classes were extremely beneficial in developing the right confidence to take yours exam. Not only I was able to attempt almost all the questions but also increase my score through QEP's answer enrichment techniques. The use of keywords and effective conclusions, taught in the class, proved to be really handy in answer writing. Thank you, sir!"

      -- Govind Mohan, AIR 260, CSE-2012

    • "Yadav Sir taught Economic Survey of last three years, gave recommendation of important committees along with information regarding various Indexes, Reports etc which helped me in my Main Exam. 'Keywords', important facts and figures told by Sir in classes helped me the most."

      -- Shreyas, AIR 278, CSE-2017

    • "Yadav Sir has been an exceptional Faculty with great command and proficiency over the subject. He creates a lot of interest in the subject through with his multidisciplinary approach drawing together economics with other subjects and news paper reading. The doubt clarification sessions , surprise test and home work questions. proud to be very handy in creating a ' big picture' of entire civil services preparation for me. I wish him for the future endeavor."

      -- Aditya Dachalwal, IAS

    • "The bulky tech of economy survey & budget , Suddenly reduced to a few pages of intelligible facts and concepts that can be grasped with care. This is how I would describe Yadav’s Sir classes . His classes immensely helped me in getting clarity of concepts ."

      -- Satish Ratkalle, IRTS

    • "Yadav Sir’s extremely disciplined teaching helps keep a firm focus on clearing the civil services exam not only did my conceptual knowledge decidedly improve, But I discovered that economics can be really enjoyable too!"

      -- Rishabh Shukla, IRTS-IT

    • "My sincere thanks to MK sir and his highly effective classes of 4 years Eco survey and QEP that proved to be really useful in scoring a high of 311 marks in Public Administration. The use of keywords, diagram and mind maps strategy of QEP classes helped me a lot in scoring 163 in Public administration paper 2. The comprehensive session expanded my perspective in essay as well."

      -- Purna Borah, AIR 149, CSE-2017

    • "MK sir's QEP classes had immensely added my Mains 2017 preparation and helped me get high score across the subjects especially in GS-2, 3 and Public Administration paper 2. The 360-degree coverage of key topic was instrumental in giving my answer an ' X Factor' and scoring 125 marks in GS 2. My sincere thanks to sir for his "consistent and persistent" guidance and mentorship. "

      -- Abhinash Kumar, AIR 139, CSE-2017

    • "Yadav Sir explains the most difficult concepts of economic & social Issues , Especially the ending units of economy survey & budget , With such case. His Unique ‘Mind map Technique‘ helps retain essential facts & figures , Which to my mind , Holds the key to clearing R.B.I. Grade . B Exam."

      -- Ritika Grover, RBI GRADE B OFFICER 2015

    • "Yadav sir's in depth knowledge and impressive command , not only over economics but also current developments and other key subjects,.......... on his students as well this has positively reflected in my answer writing for the interview phase as well. I thank him for select less guidance & specially economics survey classes."

      -- Ankur Rapadia, IRS-IT

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