Make failures your strength in UPSC

In every step of life, success and failures go hand in hand. Failures certainly demotivate and discourage us but they surely make us stronger. When one prepares for an exam with dreams to achieve something extraordinary and fails in the first attempt, a feeling of hopelessness and despair settles in which is not very easy to wave off. But success comes only to those who muster the strength to rise and fight till the end. So how should one react to initial failures? How to free your mind from negative vibes? How to start with a steady mindset after successive failures? Read on to know the many ways to make the transition to positivity.

Initial glitches faced in UPSC

Repeated failures

The first thought that comes to a failed IAS aspirant s mind is impossible . And impossible it is, if you really consider it to be so. Failures affect us all. There is no one who doesn t feel the after effects of a failure, be it big or small. And in an exam like UPSC, where students fail in numerous attempts. Failures slowly instill in us a certain amount of uncertainty and the worst of all the feeling of fear.

Humiliation in social circles

And then there are your own local circles where everyone waits eagerly to know the outcome of the UPSC exam- prelims, mains or the interview. They may be your friends, close relatives or colleagues who now know you as a failed IAS aspirant. Of course, they will try to sympathize with you but can never ease your pain totally. It is hard to face the crowd with a crown of failure.

Never say die attitude

Will your failure make you forget your dream? Surely not if you are truly devoted to it. UPSC exam is one of the toughest exams in India. Every year lakhs of people sit for the exam with the dream of getting to the top rank. When there is so much competition, the exam is bound to be tough. Therefore, your will to succeed should be as tough as the exam itself. Let failure not cripple your inner strength and confidence. Instead, make it a pillar of future success.

Read about others experiences

There are many stories of people who have failed miserably in UPSC exam and yet have managed to come out of it with flying colors despite many hardships. Read the stories of those men and women who have not let failure grip them hard and take them off the track. They were the ones who really desired to get into these services and had no doubt about it.

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Talk to peer groups

Talk freely about your failure. Do not alienate yourself from friends and family. Analyze the failure and take corrective measures to avoid repeating the same mistakes in your future attempts. Take help from people/websites who deal with these exams and are well versed with the ups and downs. They will motivate you and inspire you to prepare for the exam with a far better approach.

Recovering from your failures

Overcoming the shock

The most important thing is to rise from the heap of self-doubt, hopelessness and negative vibes that generally surround a failed IAS aspirant. Try to understand that all of those who have succeeded in the UPSC exam have done it only through hard work and discipline. Coupled with a good strategy and the right study materials.

Study plan for the IAS

Once you have made up your mind to appear for the UPSC exam once again, make sure that you start with a fresh study plan. It is advisable that you discard any old study plan for the IAS, old practice copies or newspapers which may have piled up all these months. Start afresh and with a new vigor.

Learn from past mistakes

It is very important that you sit and understand which mistakes in the past have specifically lead to your failure in the UPSC exam. Revisit your choice of materials, IAS optional subjects, study pattern, daily routine for study and other daily activities and your leisure. In other words, bring a change in your entire strategy for IAS by carefully making subtle changes in areas which you think may not have been as effective as you thought.

Enroll for a Test Series

You may even try to enroll for a correspondence course or an online coaching class if you are unable to visit the faculty due to lack of time. Enrolling in a test series keep you on your toes all the time and help you do a course correction well ahead of time if necessary.

Revisit your choice of IAS optional

If you have been failing in your mains time and again, it is time that you carefully chose your optional for IAS wisely the next time. If you think you have chosen an optional which has been consuming all your time and is taking massive amount of effort to prepare. Or is a new topic altogether for which you have not been able to gather good study materials, just change it right away. Time is scarce and you need to use it properly during your preparation.

Keep up the spirits

All said and done, prepare for your next attempt as if it is your final attempt. Prepare with the end in mind. Do not give up hope at any point of time. Be careful to not let others discourage you with examples of people who failed. If it is your dream, it is also your responsibility to nurture it and go till the very end. Never make the mistake of ignoring your leisure or not using it wisely. Remember that leisure is the time where you have the opportunity to freshen up your mind. Leave all negative ideas behind and stick to your goal at all times.

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