Law Answer Writing Practice 2018 - Week 7 - Question 5

90 Days Law Answer Writing Practice Question 1 for 28-Dec-2018

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28-Dec-2018 - Question 1

Differentiate between – De facto and De jure recognition. 2015 (10 Marks)

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Model Answer

Recognition of a state is the act by which another state acknowledges that the political entity recognized possesses the attributes of statehood.
De-facto recognition.

It is a recognition where a state has not acquired sufficient stability. It is provisional (temporary or conditional) recognition. It is not legal recognition. Three conditions for giving de-facto recognition are –

• permanence
• the state commands popular support
• the state satisfies international obligations.

De-facto recognition of a state is the first step towards de-jure recognition. Normally the existing states extend de-facto recognition to the new states. It is after a long lapse of time when they find that there is stability in it that de-jure recognition is granted.
The essential feature of de-facto recognition is that it is provisional and liable to be withdrawn.

De-Jure Recognition.
It is legal recognition. It means that the government recognized formally fulfills all the requirement laid down. De-jure recognition is complete and full and normal relations can be maintained with the country given recognition.
Once there is de-jure recognition, it can’t be withdrawn.

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