How toppers prepare for IIT JEE Main exam

Preparing for IIT JEE Main exam is an integral and delicate process. In this article, we try to understand how toppers prepare for JEE Main exam. We also try to understand the strategies involved in the two-year-long preparation process.

The JEE Main is a three-hour test with 90 multiple choice questions (MCQs) questions divided into three sections: Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry. There are always different sets of question paper like SET A, SET B etc. which contain the same questions in a different order. Each question carries a 4(+4) point weight for every correct answer and one-quarter(¼) penalty on incorrect choice. The total set of marks is 360 with each section carrying 120 points.

Know your SWOT

Toppers prepare for the JEE Mains understanding their strength and weakness first. This is important because it will be a helpful strategy during the preparation & examination.

Identify the Right Syllabus

Toppers are aware of which sections or topics are commonly asked in the exams. One way to know this is by solving previous year question paper which is commonly accessible to students and teachers.

Time Management

A high ranking student often starts with the section with which he or she is most comfortable out of the three. This also allows a student to focus and practice questions according to the clock time. If a student is aware of how much time is spent on each question, then he or she will be aware of the effort required to work on the weaker sections. Time Management is often a decider when it comes to ranking from 1- 5000. Every question is valuable, and if there are multiple incorrect answers, then the candidate loses ranks in the double-digit count. Toppers are aware of this scenario and hence, they rarely get their answer wrong.

Start Preparing Early

High scoring IIT JEE students start preparing for the exam right after their CBSE 10th standard board finals and some as early as 7th standard. The fundamentals are crucial for all subjects.

Practice, practice. practice

IIT JEE aspirants understand the importance of the application of all subjects. One of the ways to increase clarity is to practice the theorems and try out old question papers. One must attempt the mock tests as well to self-evaluate.

How IIT JEE Topper Prepared Physics Topics

1.Units, Dimensions, and Errors

An average student generally takes this topic very lightly. But almost every year, JEE Main exam Physics paper consisted of at least one question from this topic. Generally, these questions are direct and formula-based. But since students ignore this section to study advanced topics of physics, they lose at least 4 points if not anything else.

2.Photoelectric Effect

Probably one of the most interesting topics from 12th standard Physics, this is an easy concept to grasp. But the problem solving during the JEE Main exam can be tricky. Extra problem-solving practice should do the trick.

3.Nuclear Physics and Radioactivity

This is one of the most common topics in the JEE Mains even before the new pattern was adopted. Nuclear physics has a limited syllabus for JEE exams but the problem solving requires fast and accurate calculation. This is easy scoring points for top student.

How IIT JEE Toppers prepared Chemistry Topics

1.Practical and Environmental chemistry

11th and 12th standard chemistry students focus either on the organic part of this subject or physical chemistry. But practical and environmental chemistry is like a wild card in the examination. It is ideally straight forward and if you have prepared yourself, you won’t be surprised when you see the question.

2. Amines and Diazonium salts

Salts is a classic topic for the makers of JEE Main question paper. Average students generally skip this topic as it is either complicated or it is too late to prepare. Toppers, on the other hand, prepare this topic carefully as one can expect one or two questions easily from this portion.

3. Biomolecules and polymers

Another dark horse, this topic is often underrated by the students during their preparation. One can expect easy straightforward MCQs from polymers and toppers know that to crack JEE Mains, every point count.

How IIT JEE toppers prepared Mathematics Topics

1. Ellipse, Parabola, Hyperbola, and Circles

Students with higher scores know that they can expect a minimum of two questions from these four topics. Practicing older IIT JEE Main questionnaire gives an understanding of what to expect.

2. Matrices and Determinants

This topic generally scares students into submission. But the trick is to understand the pattern of the question. Generally, these questions are asked to test a candidate about swift calculation. Many of these MCQs can be answered using the elimination method. JEE toppers know how crucial these questions are as solving M&D questions can save time for other sections.

3. Binomial theorem and Limits

The reason I have mentioned these two topics is because of their applications. They are widely used in other portions of mathematics and will be a part of undergraduate level mathematics. Nevertheless, students should expect two MCQs from these two topics.

The key to solving questions is by knowing them from before. Students who crack IIT JEE Main have a dedicated study plan and timeline, motivation and practice. Lots of practice. IIT toppers also advice to have the proper balance between prep time and relaxation. The best students know IIT prep is a marathon and not a sprint.

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