JEE Main Rank Predictor 2020

After appearing for JEE Main, most of the students are apprehensive about the result. Years of hard work and patience comes down to the final result list of JEE. As soon as the exam gets over, students start looking for probable rank lists to determine which college is going to decide their future.

The JEE Main rank predictor is a tool used to anticipate your JEE Main Rank. It is a widely used mechanism after the examination and before the JEE Result. The parameters used in the tool include the level of difficulty in the exam, the number of seats available in NITs, IITs, SFITs, and the average marks an examinee scores in JEE Main.

This year approximately 15 lakh students are scheduled to appear for JEE Main and the JEE Main Rank Predictor tool helps to relieve their anxiety to some extent and prepare a plan in advance. Though the predicted rank may not always be accurate it certainly provides a fair idea to the candidate.

About the JEE Main Rank Predictor Tool

This user-friendly online JEE Main rank predictor tool helps a candidate plan or expect the kind of courses they might have an option of choosing. Candidates who had appeared for JEE Main in January 2020, can check their approximate rank through the rank predictor tool.

The JEE Main rank predictor takes into consideration various aspects like:

  • The difficulty level of the exam.
  • The number of seats available.
  • The average marks an examinee scores in JEE Main.
  • Previous year data.
  • Opening and closing rank of various courses and colleges.

*Please note that the rank predictor tools are not accurate; however it gives you a probable range. The predicted rank may vary from the official rank by few points.

How to Use JEE Main Rank Predictor

To use this tool, a candidate needs to register first and then provide the necessary details so that it displays the expected rank and the possible colleges they may be eligible for.

Inputs required for JEE main rank predictor tool

To ensure accurate rank, candidates need to provide the following personal, academic, and exam details.

  • Name
  • Contact info
  • Email address
  • Category of the candidate (SC/ST/OBC/HS-AI General)
  • Home state
  • JEE Main 2019 registration number
  • Total marks obtained out of total 360
  • Individual scores in physics, mathematics, and chemistry
  • Location preferred by the candidate for examination
  • Preferred stream

Steps required for JEE main rank predictor tool

Step 1


Step 2


Step 3

Provide the required inputs for JEE Main 2019 rank predictor tool

Step 4

The rank is displayed


Information Given by JEE Main Rank Predictor

With the help of this online tool, the predicted range of rank is displayed according to the marks obtained by a candidate. Once the rank is obtained, the tool automatically displays the names of the top colleges for counselling.

Details of ranking

The All India Ranking (AIR) for JEE Main Exam 2019 is calculated using the same algorithm as NTA (National Testing Agency) and it provides a rough estimate.

Leading colleges displayed

The names of top colleges are also suggested to a candidate along with the predicted rank range when they are asked to specify the college of their choice. Suggestions for colleges are based on a candidate’s preferred location and the stream they choose.

Eligibility for other colleges

Besides the top colleges, this tool also displays the names of other institutions or colleges across the country where aspirants can be eligible for admission. A candidate gets to know the cut-off marks and the streams they can take up in these institutions.

Marks versus Ranks

JEE aspirants are often curious to know what rank they will get against a particular score. The marks versus rank table clear all the doubts related to this particular query. When students prepare for the exam and even after the exam is over, they seek information about how many marks are required for a particular rank. From this table, candidates get to know what rank to expect against certain marks. This table has been compiled based on the previous year’s student data. The aspirants can get a rough idea about the required marks versus ranks obtained. The predicted marks versus ranks for JEE Main 2019 are tabulated as follows.


Score out of 360



101 to 200

309 to 290

201 to 500

289 to 270

501 to 1000


1001 to 1500

254 to 247

2001 to 2500

239 to 232

2501 to 3000

231 to 225

3001 to 3500

224 to 217

3500 to 4000

216 to 210

4001 to 4500

209 to 207

4501 to 5000

206 to 204

5001 to 5500

203 to 200

5501 to 6000

199 to 197

6001 to 6500

196 to 195

6501 to 7000

194 to 192

7001 to 7500

191 to 190

7501 to 8000

189 to 185

8001 to 8500

184 to 182

8501 to 9000

181 to 179

9001 to 9500

178 to 177

9501 to 10,000

176 to 175



Advantages Of the JEE Main Rank Predictor

A candidate can benefit from JEE main rank predictor in multiple ways. This tool contains a database of over 500 engineering colleges and provides a candidate with a fair idea about the colleges where they can find a place based on their predicted rankings.

  • This tool predicts a candidate’s results based on how they perform in JEE Main Examination 2019 before the actual results are declared.
  • A candidate comes to know his or her position in JEE Main Exam 2019 amongst other competitors.
  • Candidates can know in advance about the top B. Tech institutions and colleges across the country where they are eligible for admission based on the predicted rank.
  • Candidates can select the college where they wish to study
  • They have the opportunity to plan their career before other candidates and stay ahead of the competition

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