JEE Main: Previous Years' Question Papers

JEE Main is conducted twice a year by NTA as a qualifying exam for top engineering colleges of India. An important aspect of the JEE Main exam preparation is practising previous year question papers and taking sufficient mock tests before the exam. Practising Previous Years' JEE Main Papers gives the students a better understanding of the type of questions asked in JEE Main and they will be aware of what to read and what not to.
In the following article, we have identified and analyzed the Previous Year JEE Main Papers and highlighted its importance for the exam.

JEE Main Previous Years' Question Papers - Key Highlights

A proper strategy is essential while solving past papers of the IIT JEE Main. Allocation of less time and energy to topics which can be solved with comparatively more ease than the rest of the topics is essential for the students. Also, students can identify key topics and highlights from past question papers to gain a suitable level of confidence before appearing for the final examination.
  1. Knowing your JEE Main Syllabus is important. Students should segregate topics into easy, average and difficult categories, and form a strategy for topics to work on first for preparation. It is important to cover all the topics that are present, as the examination can have questions on any topic in the specified syllabus.
  2. The JEE Main question paper is to be deciphered by analyzing the exam patterns, weightage of marks and topics coverage by aspirants to enable better preparation for the examinations. Setting time slots for different topics of study and subjects is key to equal time allocation for every area.
  3. The JEE Main previous year question paper can also be used to set time tables for students. As mentioned before, time management plays a role in effective preparation. By understanding the past papers, students can manage their time to focus on more important and difficult topics in the syllabus first.
  4. Students must also utilize JEE Main sample papers available in the market to further their preparation. By solving sample papers in a time bound environment, students can simulate examination situations, and learn about their own strengths and weaknesses. There are various sample papers available which should be used to test the capacity of solving papers easily by students.

Benefits of soving previous years paper

JEE Main: Previous Years' Question Papers

JEE Main Paper 1 - Question Papers (2014-2018)

JEE Main Preparation

Preparing for the IIT JEE Main Examination must be taken seriously by aspirants. It is because the syllabus is decidedly vast and complex, and the chances for admissions into the elite IITs is tough. A lot of hard work and smart study goes behind any success story. An essential part of hard work is solving Previous Years' JEE Main Papers in a real-time exam situation. This boosts the confidence level of test takers and helps them identify flaws in the preparation methodology and find corrective ways of preparation and time management.

A lot goes into the success or failure of a student in any examination. The level of preparation and studies, how well rested the student is, the stress level, healthy eating habits and even luck play a role in the examination performance. Studying wisely and preparing in advance are essential keys to crack competitive exams. Smart study comprises of formulating effective strategies to identify weak and strong areas. An examinee must work extra hard to tackle weak areas in the syllabus and play on strong areas by attempting those questions first in the exam. Time management is also crucial in the preparatory phase for students.

Solving past examination papers is probably the most tried and tested strategy to crack IIT JEE Main for students. Past papers and their solutions are widely available in the public domain and can be utilised by students to the fullest. It can be used to identify patterns, important topics and subtopics, and to judge the level of difficulty of the questions in an exam scenario. For a test taker in 2018, the JEE Main 2017 question paper is the most crucial resource for preparation, as it contains the latest examination pattern, marks allocation for specific topics and it can also be used to judge the level of preparation of the student.

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