Last Minute Preparation Tips for Mathematics

JEE Mains is an examination that thousands of students appear for every year. With an opportunity to score well and securing admission in one of the premium institutes in India, this competitive examination is the primary goal for students willing to take up engineering in their future studies. There are three subjects on which a student gets judged on namely, Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics.

Of all the subjects, Mathematics can be the most critical one in determining your success in the selection process of the examination. There are many students who shy away from Mathematics, but you need to understand that every subject carries the same weightage when it comes to selection and if you assign less attention to any of them, your total score will suffer depriving you of getting selected for your dream college or career. Hence, make sure that along with Physics and Chemistry, mathematics receive the same importance to ensure a good score.

The other part that makes mathematics important is its potential to keep you ahead in the examination. If you manage to score 200-250 in the JEE Main paper, you are sure to appear higher in the list of final selection. Make sure that your mathematics preparations are flawless and you are done with the entire syllabus at first and then concentrate on the revision part in order to make the scores high and your solutions perfect. Here are some of the last minute suggestions that might be of much help in maintaining accuracy and speed in the examination.

Sequencing or ordering

There must have been a pattern that you would have been practising so far when it comes to ordering. Maybe you generally start with chemistry, continue with physics and end with mathematics. This is a common sequencing that most of the students follow. Even if you are following an order separate from this, there is no reason to worry and whichever sequencing you have observed so far will be the best for you to follow in the examination hall as well.

Never attempt any last time changes in the sequencing or else it might result in a lower level of confidence, confusion and inefficient outputs. Hence, make sure that you are maintaining the same ordering to ensure your accuracy, speed, and level of comfort, which is the prime requisite for an examination of JEE Main’s merit. If you find mathematics to be the most difficult one amongst the three subjects of JEE Mains, let Chemistry and Physics top the list of sequencing. The only motto should be to choose the ordering that suits you best.

Make a list

When it comes to preparation of mathematics, make sure that you have already done the necessary hard work in managing the whole syllabus. For the last minute revisions, you can create lists of your strong and week areas. There are several sections in Mathematics involving a lot of crucial chapters in each of them. Algebra, trigonometry, coordinate geometry, calculus, probability are some of the sections that are of paramount importance and can be determinants to make sure that you excel in your performance.

Make three lists based on the preparedness you have in each of the sections and the topics. Suppose, you have 100% confidence on some of the chapters in your syllabus. Make sure that you put all of them in list A. these are going to be your strong points in the examination.

There must be some as well about which you are 70-80% confident. Maybe you have left certain concepts while preparing those chapters or have forgotten a couple of formula from them and struggle to solve the problems as a consequence. If so, put all such topics under list B.

If there are any chapters that you have a very low level of confidence in, make sure that you put them separately under list C.

As far as list A is concerned, you know that you can answer them. All you need to do, to make it more perfect is to practice the online and offline papers of previous JEE Main examinations. As for your list B, there are some areas that you need to work on, to make it perfect, So before you finally head for your examinations, mend the gaps and start practising the online and offline papers for these chapters as well.

The most important part remains the list C. you hardly have gained any knowledge about the chapters enlisted here. If you think that you are not left with much time to prepare these chapters, skip them. The best you can do to make your preparation perfect is that you can memorize the formulas from these chapters so that in any case if a problem appears in the final papers from these chapters that can be solved just by applying the formula, you do not miss on that. Revise the notes as many times as possible for these chapters and the list B chapters as well. Your target should be to answer 20-25 questions flawlessly in the mains.

Understand the structure

The entire paper of JEE Main will have 30 questions of mathematics, but the syllabus of mathematics has more number of chapters. Hence, it is evident that the distribution of questions will vary from chapter to chapter, Sometimes the coordinate geometry might get more weightage than the other sections whereas, in a year, calculus can be given the primary focus. So you need to be ready for any sort of combination.

However, there are certain topics which are obvious to appear in the paper with at least one question from each of them. Quadratic Equation, S&P, P&C, Probability, Matrix, and complex Numbers are the most critical chapters from Algebra. Function, Limit, C&D, Differentials, Indefinite Integration are some of the essential elements of calculus which receive attention in the papers. Prepare Straight Lines, Circles, Parabola, and Hyperbola from Coordinate geometry in detail and give particular focus to Ratio & Identities, Equations, and ITF from the Trigonometry section. Vector and 3D are also to be given emphasis.

Stay away from silly mistakes

Many of the students face the problem of repetitive silly mistakes. Even though they master the fundaments well, the silly mistakes create the primary hurdle in their way of selection. Complete attention and focus are needed to overcome this difficulty, and you must not look away from your paper at any point in time.

Sit for the examinations in a relaxed mind and make sure that you put in your best to score high. Do not allow negatives to affect you and make sure that you get selected with a decent score.

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