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Law Bridge Academy

by Brajesh Yadav
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A7, 1st floor, dr. mukharjee nagar, near chawla fast food

About Law Bridge Academy

"Law Bridge Academy creates a perfect programmer for any student considering a career in Law. With the interactive study and discussion patterns, Law Bridge Academy introduces students on the course to a variety of different fields within the discipline. The overall aim of this academy is to provide aspirants with an initial advantage as they start their journey towards becoming a Judge/ Public Prosecutor/ IAS/ Lawyer.

Law Bridge Academy’s Achievements

  1. "The institute has most qualified and high-calibre teaching faculty available. Faculty are passionate about their subjects and are looking forward to impart their knowledge on to their students. "

  1. "The institute have been providing quality education for law Exam aspirants for the past 5 years and over 500 students have cherished their dream from Career Bridge under the guidance of Brajesh Yadav since its inception in 2012.

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