Important TV Programmes for IAS Preparation

IAS preparation requires authentic and reliable sources of information.

Reliable Digital Sources for UPSC Preparation

Our advice to students is to always rely on government resources like ministry annual reports, ministry websites, official websites (like NITI Aayog, GSTN, NIA, NIC etc), Pib websites and Pib book publications like India year book etc. the information provided in the above-mentioned sources are reliable and UPSC also asks questions based on the same.

TV programs for IAS preparation

Avoid private TV news channels, most of the news is political in nature and the debates are often not worth watching.

UPSC aspirants like you can watch Doordarshan news channel, Lok Sabha TV and Rajya Sabha TV news debates.

In Lok Sabha, INSIGHT program where experts analyse current issues.

In Rajya Sabha, THE BIG PICTURE programme News analysis by Experts.

Al-Jazeera news channel for International Relation issues.

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Best Youtube Channel for UPSC Preparation

These are some of the best Youtube channels which have good quality videos for static as well as current affairs topics for UPSC Preparation

Rajya Sabha TV

Lok Sabha TV

PIB India

News on AIR Official



All India Radio Programs


You can also listen to daily news analysis on All India Radio (AIR) from 9.15 pm to 9.30 pm.

It is also available on AIR website: Spotlight/Newsanalysis


All the Best for your exams.

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