Important Tools and Apps That Will Help You in the IAS Preparation

Around 10 lakh students fill their form for the Prestigious IAS exam and around 4-5 lakh among them appear this test against the vacancies of nearly 1000 posts.( the numbers vary annually, but roughly stay around the mentioned numbers). In the tough competition, where everyone aspires to crack the examination, you have to do hard work, but smartly.

There are many players in the market to provide you guidance and coaching for this esteem examination. In this digital era, everything is now available at your fingertip just a click away. So in this article, we come up with all the important digital tools, apps and websites which can be helpful in your IAS preparation. Here we provided you with the apps and tools from where you can get the best online study material.

You need to make a perfect blend of both offline and online mode to get success in the IAS preparation.

blend of online and offline studies

You must be thinking, UPSC is conducting exam offline, there are institutes who are leaders in this market they conduct classes, offline; then why we are focusing on online media for your preparation? The simple answer is, you are going to be a civil servant and the whole mechanism of the Government is now shifting its side from bulky paper mode to simple online mode to make governance available easy and hassle-free. So there is nothing wrong if are getting benefits at an affordable price at the comfort of your home.

You can avail the benefits of offline classes at your comfort through online. Neostencil is bringing the classroom to your online. You can feel the enthusiasm of Rajinder Nagar, and the guidance of the expert faculties, live.

In this article, we have provided you with the best IAS online coaching and some important websites, which are important for your online UPSC study.

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Use Technology For Better Out-Put

Effective Use of Gadgets (smartphone, Computer/Laptop/tab)

We insist you use any of them according to your convenience. Readability is good for computer, laptop and tab. A smartphone is also preferable, as it is easy to carry. Internet connection is a must. This is a basic requirement, which will help you to connect with your peers and benefactors.

various gadgets and tools

Few Important Government Websites, Which You Should not Miss!!

By default all the Government websites, they are very important in terms of updating information. These websites provide the most authentic information regarding schemes and updates which are very important as per the examination point of view. There are few which have been listed below;

important websites


NCERT is must for IAS preparation. Through this website, you can download free pdf of NCERT books. There is a list of NCERT books, which is essential for IAS preparation.


Through this website, you can avail various online study materials, which are quite useful for your IAS preparation.


The Yojana is a monthly development magazine, in which you can find articles written by the educationalists regarding developmental topics. In this website, you can get free pdf copy for yourself.

Government of India web Portal (

In this website, you can find the government made schemes and their detailed analysis. This website is quite helpful in terms of both Prelims exam as well as Mains Examination.

Social Justice (social

This website is helpful in terms of Mains examination. This website will give you a better analysis of social conditions and you will find better answers for your GS paper 2.

NITI Aayog

The NITI Aayog is the think tank and a national suggestion body, which has replaced The Planning Commission. You can have a better insight of the governing body and the planning.


Various space missions and detail specification you can get from this website. This website can be proved fruitful for both Prelims and in mains GS paper 3.


This website is published by the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change. Environmentand Ecology related updates can be found here.

PRS India

Various bills and their detailed information are available here.


It is one of the most important websites, which you must not give a miss. There is information regarding every new initiative done by the government can be found out at this website.

Other Learning Apps/ Website Which Can Sharpen Your Preparation

virtual learning


There are several other websites and apps too, which you can use to make yourself more efficient and productive for your exam. These websites provide the facility of mock tests, current affairs update and mains answer writing challenges. Here is the list below;

Insights on India

It is quite a popular site among the students. Their daily answer writing challenge is a nice initiative which is quite loved among the students. The answer writing challenge is also available for some optional papers too.

IAS Baba

It is a good initiative for the students who are preparing for IAS Examination. It is an online platform for the students which gives you the facility to learn from home.


Unacademy is an open education initiative for students. This site is not only for Civil Service examination but for other exams too.


It is a very innovative site, where you can get classes by the best faculties of IAS Coaching. It's an Online IAS Coaching, Where you can get online classes live on your laptop/mobile. NeoStencil breached the myth of Delhi is the Mecca of IAS Preparation. You can learn from home also with NeoStencil. There are toppers who immensely got helpful through NeoStencil. It is one of the best IAS online coachings. NeoStencil provides you with the virtual classroom learning facility.

General Knowledge Today

GK Today is a current affairs site, where you can have all the current affairs at one stop. They do provide the synopsis of the newspaper with all details. This site is quite helpful in your preparation.

These are the five websites from where you can get all the detailed information in a simple and understandable language.

There are several other players in the market also, but we kept the list minimally. IAS online preparation does not mean, you stay online 24*7. You have to dedicate time for revision and practice also.

We can suggest you one thing, follow these sites and make yourself exam prepared. Keep minimum sources and revise more. Work hard to achieve your target. Appear mock tests, as these will help you in the real time exam. We are hopeful, you will find this article helpful for you. May you crack UPSC Exam with flying colours.

We are hopeful, you will find this article helpful for you. May you crack UPSC Exam with flying colours.

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