Importance of Self-Assessment in UPSC Preparation

I think Self-awareness is probably the most important thing towards being a champion Bille Jean King (Former World No 1 Tennis Player).

No one knows better about you than yourself.

UPSC Civil Services exam preparation is all about progress from one level to another. No one starts prepare this exam with high confidence level. Most of the aspirants start preparing with the self-doubt and lack of confidence.

All aspirants, like you have the desire and ambition of becoming IAS, it ignites you to start preparing for IAS exam.


Self assessment is the first step to all assessment


Once you start preparing for IAS, you will come across various doubts like

  • What books to refer?
  • How to read Newspaper?
  • Whether to prepare IAS with or without coaching? and so on.

But these doubts are normal doubts that every aspirant has. But the real doubt arises after few months of preparation, that Am I capable of cracking IAS exam?

In this scenario don t ask others to judge your preparation, you yourself need to evaluate the progress in exam preparation.


Importance of Self-assessment

Self-assessment is a process by which individual assess his/her strength and weakness. Also, he/she can identify his/her mistakes in the exam preparation. Assessment should not be judged by way of comparing with others, rather it should be analyzed based on the progress made by the individual over the time.

Say for example: When you would have started preparing for IAS exam, you would have begun with minimum knowledge. As days progresses you will gain more information from different sources. Thus your knowledge is getting widened. Analyze your previous result with the present and judge your progress than comparing it with others.

In a way self-assessment is an important tool in UPSC exam preparation. You are preparing to achieve your aim of becoming IAS officer. You have to be honest to yourself, in that way it helps in being honest and disciplined in IAS exam preparation.


Benefits of Self-assessment

  • Identifies your strength and weakness
  • It helps in analyzing your knowledge progress
  • Helps to re-strategize your performance (if you are weak in certain subjects)
  • Helpful in rectifying your mistakes
  • It guides your preparation


How to assess yourself?

We people judge others easily but when it comes to us, we always portray ourslelf in positive way and we don t find our own mistakes. This is a natural Human tendency. But in UPSC preparation you have to be critical to yourself and judge your preparation level.


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Prelims Exam Assessment

For prelims exam you can assess yourself by way of practicing UPSC Previous year question paper and taking Mock tests.

First assess your Prelims preparation section wise like Geography, History, Polity, Economy etc. In that solve question paper each section separately. Once solved identify the question where you are committing mistakes.

Say for example: If you are solving Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) of Polity section and you have committed more mistakes on Parliament section. Then when you prepare for Polity next time give more importance to Parliament section in Polity subject to rectify your mistakes and enrich your knowledge.

The same procedure applies to all the subjects. Commit mistakes while your practicing but try to rectify those mistakes in real exam!


Mains Exam Assessment

For Mains exam preparation try to write one or two questions on daily basis. In the initial days of preparation, you will not aware of answer structure and presentation other nuances of mains answer writing. In that case you may get corrected your answers from teachers, seniors or with your peers (friends).

As time progress you will be much aware of the mains evaluation technique, so you yourself can assess the answers written by you.

When you evaluate your mains answer copies don t evaluate immediately after you have written. Try to evaluate after 7 to 10 days. (Because If you evaluate immediate you won t find any mistakes since it was written by YOU!!).

Try to identify your weak zones and work on the weak areas in order to improve your mains answer writing skills.


Self Evaluation directs us to prepare our next performance from the past and today's experiences


To be successful in IAS exam you should rectify your past mistakes and never repeat that in

future. If you are able to do this, then you will achieve your goal.

Mistakes are common but never repeat it.

All the Best!!

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