Importance of note making in UPSC Preparation

Before engaging in a war soldiers need good practice and well equipment to defeat their enemy. Civil Service is battle and aspirants are warriors and everyone needs good training along with perfect weapons. One of the essential armament is perfect note. Every UPSC candidates have a doubt regarding how to makes notes. Here we discuss methods how to make effective notes for UPSC exam.


Why notes preparation is important?

  • Creating notes is vital because a proper revision need for UPSC Preparation.
  • Quick access of motionless topics for revision.
  • Makes better understanding with topics and essential points.
  • It works as a prompt how many topics you covered and how much improvisation you need.

How to keep notes in simple and systematized?

Aspirants can follow different style for note preparation according their comfort. Using key words, phrases, and summary are the vital components to keep notes organized and humble.


# Key words

They are words that convey more than just the meaning of the word itself; within the context of a set of notes or information

Say for example: In Ethics answer writing by default students need to write certain keywords mentioned in syllabus like Values, integrity, action, attitude, aptitude etc.

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# Phrases

A group of two or more words that shows a particular idea but do not usually form a complete sentence.

E.g. In modern Indian history you can use Lal Bal Pal- Lala Lajpat rai, Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Bipin Chandra Pal are the main leaders from extremist wing.


# Summary

This is brief note of a topic with minimum words without losing content and avoids maximum grammatical mistakes. Don t use abbreviation and symbols over here.


How to make effective and attractive note?

  • Use heading and subheading with different colors, it will help you to keep close with subject and topics. This is more applicable after crossing a book, newspaper and magazine etc.
  • Different subject you can follow diverse style like sometimes use patterns or use tables but for core subject it should be simple and well organized that means smell of the syllabus is undoubtedly recognized.

For the understanding, you can check topper s notes but do not copy-past because it s never give any gain in your IAS exam preparation, so please make your own notes under your capacity because that would be help you to recognize the topics and improve your self-confidence.

Your note is your future so make it simple and keep it well . Good luck!!

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