Importance of Hobby in UPSC IAS Preparation

Only two people in this world, who can convert their extracurricular activity into their full-time profession, one is art and other is sports - Kamal Hassan
In this article, we want to share why a hobby is important in UPSC Civil Services preparation and how it will bring positive results in your exam.
If you have a hobby nurture it, if not develop one.

How your hobby will be helpful in IAS Preparation?

Many Civil Services aspirants like you simply put your hobby in your DAF just to impress the UPSC board in the final interview. In reality, only a handful of people have a genuine hobby in their life and follow that hobby regularly.
Remember: The interview panel members have vast experience and they can easily assess you if you lie or bluff before the board.

If you are one among them, stop that practice and work on your hobby or interest zone, then you can genuinely approach the UPSC interview board.

Apart from that, a good hobby has many positive impacts in your exam preparation.
1. It helps you to overcome the exam pressure and stress factor during your preparation.
2. It rejuvenates your energy.
3. It gives immense relaxation during your study period.
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Hobby: What you are passionate about

Basically, a hobby is of your interest and what you are passionate about.
It can be
* drawing/painting
* poem writing/singing/dancing
* trees/gardening
* reading / watching movies
* Or anything else under the sun
Importance of Hobby in UPSC IAS Preparation drawing-hobby
The idea is how involved you are, and how deep you have gone into that hobby.
In our school and college days, people around us didn't encourage us in our interest zone, for parents and friends scoring good marks in the exam is considered as most important.
But they don't understand that a good hobby encourages and supports exam preparation. Say for example, if you spend one hour daily on what you are interested it gives immense happiness and pleasure to you, which in turn produces positive results in your studies or work.
Have you ever wondered during your school days playing cricket in the hot sun without feeling the heat and tiredness of your body? Because, you completely enjoy what you do, so you don't feel tiredness.
So, develop a hobby.
Understand, UPSC Civil Services Preparation is not only reading books and study materials. If you are preparing for IAS you will learn many new things apart from knowledge. These will be useful in your latter part of your life in one way or other.
Why delay, start working on your hobby from today.
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