Importance of Guidance in UPSC Preparation

Every great achiever is inspired by a great mentor
The quote mentioned above is aptly applicable in IAS Preparation. A mentor plays a vital role in UPSC Civil Services Preparation. He/She not only share their knowledge but also share the most important aspect is the experience.
In this article, we will share with you the importance of the mentor in UPSC Preparation.

Importance of Guidance in UPSC IAS Preparation

UPSC Preparation is like finding a pearl in Ocean. One cannot easily find out, he or she needs some proper guidance and assistance to become an IAS officer (pearl).
During the early stage of Preparation aspirants like you have numerous doubts and queries in your mind like,
So you may have lots of doubts in your mind, these doubts will be better clarified by a Teacher, who has vast experience.
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Role of IAS Mentor in UPSC Preparation

In UPSC Civil Services Exam, most of the mentors and teachers don't teach the subject as such; they will guide the students and tell them the technique to prepare for IAS Exam.
Importance of Guidance in UPSC IAS Preparation
To be successful in IAS exam, it depends upon individual s hard work and effort, the role of the teacher is to identify and rectify the mistakes committed by aspirants.

Apart from that, mentors can also guide on

* Changing trends in UPSC Question Paper
* Conceptual understanding
* Current Affairs Analysis
So, if you do not have one yet, go ahead and get a mentor. Have the composure to measure their words, assess and then apply. Do not blindly follow what anyone says. Also, just because someone has appeared for the exam more number of times than you does not make them a good mentor.

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We also try to contribute in any meaningful way we can in your success. Your success means our success.

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