Important Books for IES Exam Preparation

Books play an important role in the preparation of various highly competitive examination. When we come up with the task of choosing the best books for exams like IES, it becomes quite a tough job. 

The best way to choose the important books is the one recommended by the toppers. So, for your convenience, we have curated the list of books that will help you to ace the IES exam.

Here is the complete book list for IES Exam Preparation. The list includes all four engineering streams' book details (Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics & Telecommunication, and Civil Engineering) for UPSC IES Exam.

IES Mechanical Engineering Booklist

S. No. Title Author
1 Engineering Thermodynamics a) PK Nag b) Cengle & Boles
2 IC Engine a)ML Mathur and RP Sharma b) V.Ganeshan
3 Gas Turbine and Propulsive Systems a) PR Khajuria & SP Dubey b) V.Ganeshan
4 Fluid Mechanics a) Modi & Seth b)RK Bansal
5 Compressible Flow a) SM Yahya
6 Heat and Mass Transfer a) JP Hollman b) RC Sachdeva
7 Refrigeration and Air Conditioning a) CP Arora b) Domkundwa
8 Fluid Machinery a) JagdishLal b) RK Bansal
9 Theory of Machines a) V.P Singh b) Malik &Ghosh
10 Mechanical Vibration a) Grover b) V.P Singh
11 Machine Design a) Shigley b) VB Bhandari
12 Material Science a) WD Callister b) IP Singh
13 Production Engineering a) Kalpkjian & Schmid b) Amitabh Ghosh & AK Malik
14 Industrial Engineering a) O P Khanna b) Buffa & Sarin
15 Operations Research a) Kanti & Swarup b) D.S Hira
16 Strength of Materials a) Gere & Timoshenko b) BC Punamia
Download PDF of IES Mechanical Subject

IES Electrical Engineering Booklist

S. No. Title Author
1 Network Analysis Van Valkenburg
2 Electromagnetic Willain H. Haytn
3 Electrical Machinery PS Bhimra
4 Electrical Machines Nagrath & Kothari
5 Power System Engg. Nagrath & Kothari
6 Electric Power Systems CL Wadhwa
7 Automatic Control System Benjamin C. Kuo
8 Control System Engg. Nagrath & Gopal
9 Electrical & Electronic Measurement and Instrumentation AK Sawhney
10 Integrated Electronics a) Milman & Halkias b) Millma & Grobel
11 Digital Logic & Computer Design Morris Mano
12 Power Electronics PS Bhimra
Download PDF of Electrical Engineering Books

IES Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering Booklist

S. No. Title Author
1 Network Analysis a) Van Valkenburg b) Chakrabarti
2 Electromagnetic Waves & Radiating Systems a) Jardon & Balmain b) JD Kraus
3 Integrated Circuits K.R. Botkar
4 Op. Amps & Linear Integrated Circuit Gayakwad
5 Digital Logic & Computer Design Moris Mano
6 Automatic Control System a)Benjamin C. Kuo b) B.S Manke
7 Control System Engg. Nagrath & Gopal
8 Principle of Communication System a) Taub & Schilling b) J.B Guptac) A. Bruu Carlson
9 Integrated Electronics a) Jacob Milman & C. Halkias b) Millman & Grabel
10 Network and Systems D. Roy Choudhary
11 Signals and System a) Oppehum, Willsky & Nacob b) Sanjay Sharma
Download PDF of Electronics and Telecom Engineering Books

IES Civil Engineering Booklist

S. No. Title Author
1 Strength of Materials a) Gere and Temoshenko b) B C Punamia
2 Structural Analysis a) Negi b) S Ramamurtham c) C K Vang
3 Concrete Structures a) Punamia & Jain b) H J Shah
4 Steel Structures a) Duggal
5 Soil Mechanics & Foundation Engg. a) Ranjan & Rao b) Venkat Ramaiha c) S K Garg
6 Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics a) Modi & Seth b) R K Bansal c) Subramanyam
7 Hydrology a) Subramanyam
8 Irrigation a) S K Garg
9 Highway Engg. a) Khanna & Jasto b) Kadiyali
Download PDF of IES Civil Engineering Books


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