IES Civil Engineering Preparation Strategy

How to prepare Civil Engineering for Engineering Service Exam (ESE - IES)

Are you an aspirant preparing for IES Exam in Civil Engineering stream? Want to know the right strategy to clear the Engineering Services Exam and join the elite engineering government services like Central engineering services, Indian Railways service, central water engineering services and other central government agencies to serve the nation in the engineering related job profiles.

To help your IES preparation, we have come up with a detailed preparation strategy for IES Civil Engineering preparation.

What is the ideal time to start IES/ESE Civil Engineering preparation?

If you want to prepare for IES exam in Civil Engineering streams start your preparation once you have completed your final year of graduation. If you start your preparation, say one year later, you will start losing your grip and command over the subject.

So don't waste time on other things if you have decided to prepare for ESE exam. Focus on your basics and concepts to progress in your preparation.

IES Civil Engineering Preparation Strategy

How to start IES Civil Engineering preparation?

IES Civil Engineering Syllabus is very vast and to cover this entire syllabus it demands minimum one year period. To begin with start your IES Civil Engineering preparation with Topics like Building Materials, Structures and Solid Mechanics. These topics have been important for both IES and GATE exam preparation.

Instead of plain reading, in UPSC always give importance to conceptual understanding and have good command over your Civil Engineering basics. Once you have a strong grip on fundamentals then it will be a cake-walk for you in solving prelims and writing answers in Mains examination.

What study material should be followed for IES Civil Engineering?

When it comes to study material refer standard textbooks and avoid using different books for the same subject. If you have joined any coaching (online/offline), try to follow the study materials provided by the respective institutes.

Apart from that, try to reference standard books for IES Civil Engineering preparation. Download booklist for IES Civil Engineering in PDF here.

Short notes

Making short notes should be a regular habit in your IES Civil Engineering preparation. Since in Civil Engineering subjects there are a lot of formulas need to be remembered and recalled in the examination hall, the best way to memorise such formulas is by making notes and revising before the exam.

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Proper revision before the exam

When it competitive exam, especially exams like IAS, IES, GATE demands proper revision before the exam. The more you revise, the better you perform an exam. Ideally, you should start your revision at least 40 to 30 days before the exam.

It is recommended that you should revise your IES Civil Engineering syllabus minimum two times and if possible try to revise 3 times before the exam.

Importance of previous question papers

For a better understanding of the demand of UPSC and exam pattern try to go through the last 5 to 10 years of UPSC IES Civil Engineering objective and subjective questions. The same rule is also applicable for GATE Civil Engineering preparations.

Most of the times questions are repetitive. Apart from that, it will be helpful in your preparation once you understand the nature of questions asked by UPSC, so based on that you can streamline your preparation better.

Stay Focussed and committed in your preparation

ESE Civil Engineering preparation requires year-long preparation and the examination process is another one year. So, to crack this one of the toughest engineering exams in India, you need to stay focused and committed towards your preparation.

You should never get distracted by other unnecessary activities like social media, roaming with friends etc. Be focused and you will succeed one day!

IES Civil Engineering stream is one of the toughest exam, but you can succeed the exam if you are dedicated towards your IES exam preparation.

Nothing is impossible. Best wishes!

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