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  • Increase your Mains Score by 100+ Marks. New Batches for QEP by MK Yadav.
    Increase your Mains Score by 100+ Marks. New Batches for QEP by MK Yadav.
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  • Profile photo of Ashok Kumar Singh (ICS IAS)

    Ashok Kumar Singh (ICS IAS)

    Mr. Ashok is a founder of Meridian Courses as well as ICS, both among the the most trusted & renowned IAS Institutes. He is a seasoned academician known for his dynamic teaching style. With the recent changes made by UPSC in the examination pattern, it has become extremely important for the candidates to develop holistic approach to their preparation & therefore sir’s role has become even more pertinent. UPSC expects the CS aspirants to understand, assimilate, analyze and apply the concepts to real life situations. Ashok Sir has the unique ability to correlate the concepts and link them to current events.

    Profile photo of R Kumar (ICS IAS)

    R Kumar (ICS IAS)

    Mr. R Kumar is a well-known expert in the field of Economics.He has been providing qualitative & In-depth knowledge to the Civil Services Aspirants.His meticulously planned course structure aims at providing quality education to the students. His experience; coupled with his dynamic style of teaching helps him empathizing with the aspirants’ needs & keep pace with the ever-changing dimensions of the Civil Services exams.

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