IAS Toppers Seminar on “How to prepare Public Administration” by Abhinav Goel (AIR 36), Prabhat Malik (AIR 68) & Others

IAS Toppers Seminar on How to prepare Public Administration

We provide an opportunity for IAS aspirants to attend the IAS Toppers seminar and know the nitty-gritty of IAS Toppers preparation strategy. In IAS Toppers seminar, toppers will speak to the host of candidates about IAS preparation and provide an insight from their rich experience.

Shalini Duhan(AIR-21)223 (103+120)
Abhinav Goel(AIR-36)254 (114+140)
Prabhat Malik (AIR-68)
Mukul Gupta(AIR-87)237 (110+127)
Vijay Meena(AIR-570)236 (114+122)
Mritunjay(AIR-287)229 (102+127)
Sagar Bagmar(AIR-454)245 (111+134)

This IAS toppers seminar will particularly focus on how to prepare Public Administration optional. The dynamic nature of IAS preparation and how to deal with it will be revealed by IAS toppers themselves during the seminar. IAS toppers seminar will also focus on how to write good answers in Public Administration and mold your IAS preparation according to the need requirement of the exam. IAS preparation full of pulls and pressures, ups and downs and hope and despair; in the seminar these IAS toppers will also throw light on how to sail through tough period of IAS and come up with flying colors.

IAS Toppers Seminar on "Public Administration"

Toppers Talk: Prabhat Malik AIR-68 (CSE 2014)

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