IAS Topper's Preparation Strategy - Rajarshi Shah (AIR 81 - CSE 2016)

Watch IAS Topper Rajarshi Shah, AIR 81, CSE-2016 Preparation Journey

Rajarshi Shah secured All India Rank 81 in the UPSE 2016 Civil Services Examination. In this video, Rajarshi Shah shares his preparation strategy and tips for preparing UPSC Civil Services exam.

NeoStencil conducted a Seminar on UPSC Preparation Strategy for Prelims and Mains on Jaipur that was held on May 20, 2018. Apart from Rajarshi Shah,Ashima Mittal (AIR 12, CSE-2017) and Damodar Khattana (RAS 03, 2016) participated in the Seminar.

Rajarshi Shah (AIR 81, CSE-2016) Preparation Strategy

"I am a native of Jaipur and have done graduation in Civil Engineering from IIT Kanpur. I graduated in 2013. Today we are here for the interaction about Civil Services Examination and I believe it is the toughest exam in the world because around 4 lakh people appear for this examination and only 800-1000 makes it to the finals. So it is very important to be motivated constantly in this tough exam and maintain your temper."

"Currently, I am undergoing training at Lal Bahadur Shastri National Administrative Academy in Mussoorie. It is situated in a beautiful place and it keeps me motivated. I interact with new people. There are many activities going on in the academy and it is a very good learning platform. In 6 months, I interacted with so many dignitaries and got so much knowledge. It is the only kind of job with so much diversity. We can implement knowledge of different fields into this job and change the society in a positive way."

"My preparation journey is I have given 4 attempts. Just like Ashima said, the role of graduation is important and you should have a strong backup. Try that you go to a good institute and study for a field you are interested in. I was not able to clear Prelims in the first attempt. After that, my friends and I went to Delhi to prepare and took a flat there and at that time because of contaminated water we all caught jaundice. But then my friend cleared prelims and his journey motivated me very much. Then in second attempt I cleared Prelims but failed in Mains. Then I found out my weakness and my optional and ethics were weak. My practice was less and was not able to join test series. I identified the shortcomings and worked upon it. After that, I got cleared but my name was not on the list, where I got to know that I was only 2 marks behind. Then the reserve list came out and I got selected in Indian Account Service. There I got confident and gave one more attempt. Finally, in the 4th attempt, I secured AIR 81. Fifty days before the exam I was hospitalized, and just because I was prepared beforehand I could clear the exam."

"It is very important to identify the shortcomings and work on the negative areas. My family and friends supported me fully in this journey. My friends motivated me and with their help I got knowledge. Teachers also play an important role, like Pawan sir, who helped me with Ethics."

At the time I started my preparation Neostencil was not there but afterwards, Pavan sir told me about this platform, so it became very important for me as it helped me to get solutions very easily and I can find these anytime.

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Tips for cracking UPSC Prelims Exam

  • The first thing to clear UPSC is that the basic concepts should be clear. There is a standard book for every subject so that gives us conceptual clarity. We should not study many books but only the standard ones.
  • Second is when you study the current affairs, relate it to your subjects as if you read something about the government you should be related it to the Polity subject and analyze it. These are the basic linkages the exam wants to test the candidate.
  • Lastly, practice should be regular. Solve test series and last year question papers. The more you practice the better you get. When you analyze the last year paper you will be able to identify the trend and the important concepts that are repeating. When you see the paper you will notice that 60 questions are of an easy and medium level, you should have command over that, the next 20 questions are difficult, if you think you are not able to do it then don t attempt because it will attract negative marks. Focus on elimination in difficult questions. Don t get disheartened if you don t get selected there are many fields to explore.
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