IAS Success Story - Kajal Jwala AIR 28

Everybody knows that clearing the UPSC Civil Services is a challenging task. The passing percentage is negligible, but we do hear IAS success stories every year. Are they different from you and me? No, they are not, but they have something extra that differentiates them from the regular crowd. It is the will and the determination to clear the UPSC exams at any cost that drives people like Kajal Jwala to succeed.

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Who is Kajal Jwala?

Kajal Jwala could be the quintessential girl next door. Kajal is a simple girl like you and me who has high aspirations of serving the Indian nation. She understood that she has to clear the UPSC Civil Services examination. She worked for a multinational company earning around Rs 23 lakhs as annual income. It is natural for you to ask, 'so what?' Yes, you are right, but if I tell you that she secured the 28th rank in IAS 2018, you will sit up and take notice. If you know her IAS success story, you will be inspired to appear for the IAS and clear it. Here is her success story.

IAS Success Story – Kajal Jwala

Remember, Kajal Jwala is a simple Indian girl that you and I can relate to easily. Let us understand her background before looking at her success story. 

Kajal is a resident of Shamli, a small nondescript location in Haryana. Like all girls of her age, she completed her engineering graduation. At this point, we shall share that she is a B.Tech graduate in electronic communication from an engineering college in Mathura, UP. As is the norm in India, she joined a multinational company, Wipro at a good salary. However, she had a burning ambition inside her mind to serve India. Therefore, she appeared for her IAS a couple of times, but could not get through. Any other girl would have felt disheartened and given up her dreams of becoming an IAS officer.

Kajal could have done the same as well because she was already earning a reasonable sum of Rs 23 lakhs annually at Wipro. She was made of sterner stuff. She was not the one who would give up easily. In the meanwhile, she got married, as do all girls of her age. Now, marriage brings with it additional responsibilities in life. Her husband, Ashish Malik, was employed with the American Embassy in Delhi. When Kajal confided in him and expressed her desire to give the IAS another shot, he agreed readily. He also supported her in her endeavour.

Now, there was nothing that could stop Kajal from realising her dreams. She had the encouragement from her family. She plunged headlong into the IAS preparation. Remember that she had a nine-hour job at Wipro that she could not leave immediately. She had to juggle her time between her career and her preparations for the IAS. Hence, she could not spare time for attending coaching classes. Immediately, it placed her at a disadvantage because one needs specialised coaching to clear these competitive exams. Hence, she started to study on her own during her spare time.

She did not have much time at her disposal, but she had determination in plenty. She immediately started referring to books and other materials. A long-time had passed since she had cleared her engineering exams. Therefore, she had to cover much ground. She got hold of NCERT books on various subjects and started pouring over them. Her husband was supportive as he began to manage the household, thereby allowing her to concentrate on her IAS preparations. Luckily, she had supporting parents and in-laws. Everyone pitched in with his or her support with a common objective of ensuring that Kajal gets through the IAS exams and realises her dream of serving the nation.

She had many things going for her. She was an extremely bright student in her days. That made it easy for her to grasp things better. Secondly, she had the unstinted support of her family. Her employers were also helpful in the sense that they did not overburden her with work. They allowed her to concentrate on her preparations. Most importantly, she had the will to succeed. When you have this determination, nothing in the world can stop you from achieving the impossible.

Therefore, Kajal started preparing on her own by making notes and referring to them during her travel from home to office daily. She had a great interest in current affairs issues. It helped her tremendously because a significant portion of the IAS syllabus concerns current affairs issues. Her preparation was simple but effective. She referred to many books to brush up her knowledge. At the same time, she started analysing the IAS exam patterns by studying the question papers of the past years. The UPSC does not repeat any questions, but, you definitely get to know the trend. Thus, Kajal started studying smartly.

On the day of the examination, she was confident of doing well. She appeared for her exams with a calm demeanour and waited for the results. She was sure of clearing the IAS. However, she was in for a great surprise on the day of the results. She expected to pass the exams, but never dreamt that she would get a ranking as high as AIR 28. She had to rub her eyes in disbelief and pinch herself to come to terms with reality. In other words, she was all over the moon. Her hard work and sincerity paid off in the end. Her family was happier than she was because it was a collective success for each member of her family. 

What message do IAS success stories like Kajal Jwala convey? You can learn one thing that, “Where there is a will, there is a way.”      

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