IAS Preparation Tips for Beginners

UPSC Civil Services Preparation Tips for Beginners

In the initial stage of IAS preparation all UPSC aspirants are energetic and enthusiastic about the civil services exam! But most of the aspirants struggle to channelize that energy, often because of lack of awareness about UPSC civil services examination.

1 Smart work with hard work

UPSC civil services exam demands hard work but at the same time candidates should be smart enough to understand the demand of the UPSC which is only possible if candidates are completely aware of the UPSC syllabus and UPSC question papers trends.

The ideal time to start IAS preparation is one year before the IAS preliminary exams. In the initial stage of preparation candidates should give more importance to the General Studies subjects.

2 Avoid Multi-tasking

Don t spend too much time on specific topics alone instead try to give equal importance to all topics mentioned in the syllabus. Most importantly, students must revise what he or she read at least 2 to 3 times before the exam.

Pillars of UPSC CSE Preparation

3 Refer to standard material

Try to follow standard text books and NCERT books. Avoid reading same topic from different material. Students are advised to follow one national daily, either The Hindu or Indian express.

4 Self-evaluation

Regular self-evaluation should be a part of your preparation process. Students should not read continuously without evaluating their preparation. Students can evaluate their preparation by solving previous question papers and some mock question papers which are readily available.
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5 Regular note making

Candidates should develop a habit of regular note making for both current affairs and subjects. These handwritten notes will be handy for last minute revision before the exams.

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6 Reading NCERT books

For basic understanding of UPSC syllabus topics students are advised to read all necessary NCERT books. Because UPSC asks questions directly from the NCERT books for both prelims and mains examination.

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7 Holistic preparation process

In IAS preparation, candidates should prepare holistically for prelims, Mains and interview than isolated preparation. Candidates should treat this as one single exam with three segments than treating it as three different exams.

8 Chose right optional subject

Optional subject plays a crucial role in the UPSC mains examination. Students should choose the right optional subject based on their individual interest. Before choosing a optional subject candidates should go through the UPSC mains syllabus and previous year question papers.

9 Maintain good health

Since it is a yearlong examination process, candidates should maintain proper health with good diet. Many students focus only on their exam preparation process and forget about their health. Many a times students fall sick before the examination, a situation that can easily be avoided.

Stay focused and committed towards exam preparation, success will definitely follow.

All the Best.

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