IAS Mains optional book list

Book List for IAS optional subjects

Here we provide a list of popular books for UPSC Mains examination. As far as possible, we provided important books for each optional subjects and avoided providing a comprehensive book list.

Geography Optional Booklist

Paper 1 Paper 2
Part 1: NCERT Class 11 and 12 Books
  • Physical Geography- Savindra Singh
  • India a Comprehensive Geography - Khuller
  • Certificate Physical and Human Geography - GC Leong
  • Geography of India - Majid Hussain
Part 2:
  • School Atlas - Orient Blackswan/Oxford
  • Human Geography by Majid Hussain
  • Map Entries in Geography K.Siddhartha
  • Rupa Made Simple Economic and Social Geography
  • Models and Theories by K Siddhartha and S Mukherjee


Public Administration Optional Booklist

Paper 1 Paper 2
  • Administrative Thinkers D. Ravindra Prasad & V.S. Prasad
  • Indian Public Administration: Institutions and Issues - Ramesh K. Arora and Rajni Goyal
  • Public Administration - RB Aribam
  • IGNOU Notes
  • New Horizons of Public Administration - Mohit Bhattacharya
  • ARC Reports
  • IIPA Journals - (Indian Journal Of Public Administration)

History Optional Booklist

Paper 1 Paper 2
Ancient History: Modern History:
  • Wonder that was India A.L. Basham
  • Modern Indian History Grover & Grover
  • A history of ancient and early medieval India - Upinder Singh
  • India s Struggle for Independence Bipin Chandra
  • Medieval History:
  • India After Gandhi: Ramachandra Guha
  • Medieval India Satish Chandra
  • World History:
  • Contemporary World History (NCERT) Arjun Dev & others
  • Read Mastering Modern World History - Norman Lowe

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Sociology Optional Booklist

Paper 1 Paper 2
  • Sociology Themes and Perspectives - Haralambos and Holborn
  • Principals of Sociology by C.N.Shankar Rao
  • Sociology - Anthony Giddens
  • Social problems in India by Ram Ahuja
  • Sociological Theory - Ritzer G
  • Social Change in India M N Srinivas
  • Modernization of Indian Tradition Yogendra Singh

Political Science and International Relations Optional Booklist

Paper 1 Paper 2
  • Political Theory : An Introduction - Andrew Heywood
  • International Relations - Vinay Kumar Malhotra
  • Political Ideologies - Heywood
  • Challenge and Strategy: Rethinking India's Foreign Policy - Rajiv Sikri
  • Foundations of Indian Political Thought: An Interpretation - From Manu to the Present Day - V. R. Mehta
  • Does the Elephant Dance? - David M. Malone
  • Indian Government And Politics - B.L. Fadia

Philosophy Optional Booklist

  • A Critical History of Western Philosophy- Y Masih
  • An Introduction to Indian Philosophy - Satishchandra Chatterjee and Dhirendra Mohan Datta
  • An Introduction to Political Theory by O P Gauba
  • Introduction to Religious Philosophy By Y Masih

Anthropology Optional Booklist

  • Physical Anthropology - P.Nath
  • Fossil Evidence S Das
  • Anthropology Theories MakhanJha s
  • Indian Anthropology Nadeem Hasnain
  • Social Anthropology Maunder

Physics Optional Booklist

Paper 1 Paper 2
  • An introduction to mechanics by kleppner and kolenkow
  • Mechanics by D S Mathur
  • Quantum Physics by Resnick and Eisberg
  • Quantum Mechanics by Mourdine Zettler
  • Quantum Mechanics: Theory and Applications  by S. Lokanathan and Ajoy Ghatak
  • Theory of Relativity by Goyal and Gupta
  • Introduction to Special Relativity by Robert Resnick
  • Atomic & Molecular Spectra by Rajkumar
  • Nuclear Physics by SB Patel
  • A Text Book of Optics by Brijlal and Subrahmanyam
  • Optics by Ghatak Ajoy
  • Solid State Physics by S.O. Pillai
  • Solid State Physics by Puri R.K and V. K. Babbar
  • Electricity & Magnetism by Satyaprakash
  • Introduction to Electrodynamics by David J Griffiths
  • Electronics by B L Theraja Vol. IV
  • Concepts of Modern Physics by Arthur Beiser

Note: For All optionals refer IGNOU Materials for Reference.

Refer: Book List for IAS Prelims Examination

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