How to use Internet for IAS Preparation

Traditionally IAS preparation was concentrated in the coaching hubs of Delhi and few capital cities. Aspirants from far corners of the country flocked to these places to achieve their dream of becoming an IAS officer.

However, in recent years the trend is changing, and online medium is gaining popularity. Aspirants are increasingly using online medium, which gives them liberty to stay at their hometown or remains committed to their job and still prepares for the exam.

Comparison between traditional way and modern way of IAS Preparation

S. No Component of IAS preparation Conventional way Current Trend
1 Study Material Only in coaching hub Available online
2 Coaching Only in Delhi and Metro cities Online class
3 Writing Practice Test Center Online writing Practice
4 Coaching With Friends Online discussion forum
5 Newspaper Buy and Read Read Online


Having given you recent trend of IAS preparation using Internet, we would like to make it clear some essentials, which are irreplaceable in IAS preparation such as

The Internet is an ocean of information, and there are various sources, which can confuse you and can hamper your preparation. So a judicious use of the online medium is necessary, Moreover internet is only supplementary to your preparation and so lets us see how online medium can be used to the best of your advantage.

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Essentials of IAS preparation where Online medium can help

# Newspaper reading

The Internet allows you to read from various sources, but an IAS aspirant should restrict to a few important sites for newspaper reading, these are:

  • The Hindu
  • The Indian Express
  • PIB
# Current affair analysis

Debates in Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha channels are the most important source of current affairs analysis, which gives you, varied dimensions of the issues going in the country. These can be easily accessed using YouTube and can be viewed as per your convenience. Other important sources are PRS( for legislative analysis.

# Study material


UPSC IAS Online Preparation

The Internet is flooded with study material for IAS preparation. You should just restrict yourself to one such site that is comprehensive and provides multiple ways to learn, including notes, videos, pdf's.

# Online Coaching

The online medium has also made it possible to Study from the best teachers of Delhi and other coaching hubs from your home using online classes. So those who want to remain in their hometown or stick to their job can also prepare with the same advantage as a candidate preparing from these coaching hubs.

# Discussion and doubt resolution

Online forums can be used to discuss any doubts regarding subject matters, but you have to be careful. Make small groups of like-minded people with the same level of commitment so that each one can help others to achieve the collective goal.

# Answer writing

Answer writing is an important aspect of cracking IAS exam. Many students join test centres to improve their writing skills, but now you can also improve writing practice using online writing forums and can also get peer review which improves your writing skills.

Things that become challenging while using online medium

# Distraction

Some drawbacks of using the excessive online resource are distraction, confusion and wastage of time in fruitless discussion.Use of social media again is a source where we kill lots of time, so self-discipline on your part is necessary to use the online resources in a better way. Of course, social media has its own benefits as well. It helps you establish a social connect in the online world that could get isolating. Relevant groups and pages can actually help enhance your prep.

Other areas where internet can be useful while IAS preparation

# Motivation


UPSC IAS Online Preparation

IAS preparation is a long journey, and at times, we may feel low and depressed. The Internet can be effectively used to overcome this aspect. You can watch motivational videos, Topper's talks, TED talks etc. to re-energise, and continue with your preparation.


NO doubt an IAS aspirant should devote maximum time for study, but one cannot study continuously. You can and should take out sufficient time to keep yourself entertained and happy. You can listen to music, watch TV series or anything that entertains you.

Your hard work, discipline and perseverance is the key to your success, and nothing could replace it.The internet is a tool to add value to your preparation, and its use should be limited to only that extent. It's a nutrient and should be employed as the supplement but not to replace your food ( Hard work, Commitment, Dedication).

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