How to Read Yojana Magazine for UPSC Exam

Yojana is a monthly magazine published by the publications division of the Information and broadcasting ministry(I&B), Government of India. The theme of the magazine is a socio-economic development of the country and each issue of the magazine deals with a specific topic.

The magazine is published in English and twelve other regional languages of India and is priced at a nominal price of 22/-. The main objective of this is to ensure that magazine is available to all. Apart from that, the magazine is made available for free download on both its website and mobile application based platforms.

Every serious civil services aspirant is familiar with the importance of the magazine and time and again it has proved an invaluable asset in preliminary and mains exam of the civil services examination.

Importance of Yojana Magazine in UPSC Preparation

Why Read the Yojana Magazine?


Since the magazine is published by the Government of India the statistics and facts would be sourced from genuine sources and can be quoted in the examination. HOW TO READ YOJANA MAGAZINE FOR CIVIL SERVICE EXAMINATIONS


The authors in the magazine are usually highly placed bureaucrats, social workers working with prominent NGO s or officers who deal with the issue directly. So the opinions and the suggestions cited are credible.

In-depth analysis

Since each issue covers a particular topic comprehensively we can get both the pros and cons of the issue along with statistics for the same.

Balanced views

The articles are politically neutral and focus on the policy issues rather than politicising it which gives the aspirant a balanced view which is of prime importance in the examination.

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How to read Yojana Magazine?

A lot of aspirants complain that the magazine has too much information and it is often put forward in an uninteresting manner which makes it difficult to focus and also time-consuming.

We at Neo stencil would like to make reading Yojana a little easier and interesting for you all by suggesting a few tips.

  • Read the Editor s keynote as it gives a gist of the theme and the various dimensions of which the topics are covered. Focus on the introduction and conclusion part of the note then can very well be used if an essay is asked from the following topic.
  • It is not specifically designed for the civil services so it is up to the aspirants to go through the various points given in the magazine and divide the topic into the definition, pros, and cons, statistics along with how to write the topic using keyword-based approach.

For e.g. if the keyword or directive is to Analyse then we have to give both pros and cons and give a balanced view.

Similarly, critically analyze would be to give the analysis from the point of view whether the scheme has achieved the stated objectives which are would be given in the article- This is called the art of purposeful reading.How to read The Yojana for IAS Preparation

  • The magazine also has case studies covering a significant portion pertaining to the specific issue it would be safe to assume that it can be skipped from General Studies point of view as GS requires broader coverage than a deeper one. We can cite the example of the place where the study was carried out.
  • For aspirants who are more comfortable reading the magazine online, applications like One note are very useful to make notes, classify and retrieve them for a single point of reference.
  • Every issue has also a few developmental initiatives of the Government explained, in brief, they can be a good source of info.
  • Read and make only notes only for those topics which are important from exam point of view- the topics mentioned in the syllabi have to be at the back of your mind while making notes.
  • Opinions of some personality like a minister on the initiative or a keynote address can be safely skipped.
  • You have to prepare the notes in such a way that it can be elaborated in case it is for essay paper and can be concise if it is asked in General studies paper.
  • Some websites have started giving the gist of Yojana and Kurukshetra magazine on a regular basis which can be used as a source of ready reference but only after you have read the entire magazine once (can be used for revision).
  • Many of the themes get repeated year after year so aspirants would be in doubt on what to refer. We suggest you refer to the latest magazine on that particular topic as it would contain updated information.

For e.g.- The latest edition on the topic of disaster management would contain the Sendai framework which was adopted in 2015 when compared to previous versions which would contain the Hyogo framework which was till 2014.

  • For aspirants attempting to read the magazine for the first time, we would suggest you to keep the previous GS papers at your disposal so that they can be a ready reckoner to understand how questions can be asked in mains from the topics in the magazine.
  • Most importantly maintain a separate book to make notes so that you do not have to go through the entire magazine again before the exam since the timeframe for revision will be very less. Similarly, for aspirants using one note attach the points from Yojana as an adjunct to the topic which you have already labelled, classified and segregated.

As the old adage goes Knowledge is Power we hope by following these points you will be able to reap rich dividends and be well equipped for your preparation.

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