How do you prepare for IIT JEE from Class 9?

We are living in an age of tremendous competition. It is a rat race everywhere. Hence, you need to be at your best if you wish to be ahead of your competitors. This logic also applies to students. You should see the number of students applying for the various engineering courses in India to get an idea about the extreme competition.

Admission to the IIT

Admission to the 16 IITs in India is only through the IIT JEE or the JEE Mains/Advanced route. Invariably, every student has to appear for the JEE Mains and JEE Advanced and score within the cut-off marks for the particular examination. Students should note the following.

  • Clearing JEE Mains is essential to qualify to appear for the JEE Advanced
  • Securing marks within the cut-off in JEE Advanced is necessary to be eligible for admission to any of the IITs in India.
  • The students should also ensure that they are in the top 20% of their respective HSC streams.

Remember that the success percentage in the JEE Advanced is 4% to 5%. Imagine the level of competition that the students have to contend with if they wish to gain admission into the IITs. Hence, it makes sense to start your preparations early.

How early should one begin?

The earlier you begin, the better it is for the student. Ideally, the student should start preparing for the JEE exams when he/she is in Std. IX. Now, you will ask as to why Std. IX and not in any other class. The reasons are simple.

  • The Right age – You have your initiation in the premier subjects of Physics and Chemistry in Std. VIII. Therefore, you have a basic knowledge of what the subject is. Consequently, it will be easy for you to understand the concepts. You need a strong foundation in all the subjects to be successful in your JEE exams. Starting your preparations early gives you a lot of time to grasp the fundamentals in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.
  • Increase in confidence – The JEE requires meticulous preparation. It can consume a lot of time. You should be patient enough if you wish to succeed in the JEE. When you start preparing from as early as Std. IX, you develop confidence in your abilities. You get more time to prepare, revise, and practice.
  • Save money on coaching – Many students feel that attending coaching classes is the only way to secure good marks in the JEE. Of course, coaching does help, but you have to do the hard work anyway. Students who start preparing from Std. XI need external coaching, as they have to cover a vast syllabus in less time. If you start early, you have your basics right. Thus, you can save on the money you spend on attending coaching classes.
  • No gap – Many students take a gap of one year after completing Std. XII because they do not have the confidence to do well. It is because they have not prepared well for the JEE. They take the gap to concentrate on their JEE. By starting early, you are ready to appear for the JEE simultaneously with your Std. XII exams. Hence, you save a valuable year in your career.     

How do you prepare for the JEE from Std. IX?

Class IX is a crucial year in a student’s career. This year shapes the student’s career and makes them decide whether to pursue a science, commerce, or humanities stream after their Class X examinations.

Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics are easy subjects if you develop a keen interest in the basics. These three subjects form the cornerstone of your preparations for the JEE. The syllabus for the JEE is similar to that of Std. XI and XII of the CBSE. However, the fundamentals remain the same that you learn in Std. IX. Hence, you approach your Physics and Chemistry topics from a different angle when you prepare for the JEE. This approach helps you secure good marks in these subjects in your Std. IX and X as well. Therefore, you sustain the interest in the subjects.

Concentrate on developing the basics in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. Write down the critical concepts and try to understand it rather than learning by rote. If you know the concepts, you become fundamentally strong to solve any problem in the subject. Grasping the basics ensures that you begin to reason. When you start to reason, you develop your thinking ability. This trait comes handy later on in your career.

The only way to succeed in JEE is to gain perfection in the subject. Therefore, you have to study, revise, and practice a lot. The more you practice, the better you become at the subject. The questions in the JEE can be challenging and time-consuming. If you practice well, you can attack the problem straightaway without pondering over it. Hence, you save time. Many students fail to complete the paper because of lack of time.

Remember that JEE is a test of aptitude and not your memory. You should know to apply the concepts taught in the subject to problems asked in the examinations. Develop the attitude of understanding the concepts and writing the answers in your own words.

You develop your speed when you start your JEE preparations early. Regular practice can help you become accurate in your calculations.

Quick Tips

  • Practice the tests given at the end of each topic. The more you practice, the better it is for you.
  • Search for mock papers in the JEE and solve the sections that you have studied so far. It will give you an idea of what the JEE is.
  • Once you complete the portion, you should revise and take mock tests as much as possible. Note that you should focus on the time you take to answer the questions. Have the same time constraints that you experience in the JEE.
  • Ask one of your tutors/class teachers to correct your papers and suggest improvements. Incorporate their suggestions in the future.

Final words

Start preparing for the JEE from Std. IX and be ahead of your nearest competitors by having a head start. Proper and systematic preparations can see you clear the JEE with flying colours.

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