How to Prepare for BPSC Exam 2020 - 65th Batch

How to prepare for BPSC Exam
BPSC 65th CSE notification has been released for 423 posts. There are a good number of posts of SDM/Dy.SP. Aspirants must start their preparation at earliest.

The pattern of the BPSC Exam

The pattern of the exam is the same as of the UPSC that is it has three rounds of examination, which are Preliminary examination, Mains examination and an Interview.
BPSC Exam 2020

BPSC Prelims Exam

Prelims examination of BPSC is of 150 marks, and there is no negative marking. If you look at the previous year papers of BPSC, you will get to know that the level of the paper is slightly easier than the level of UPSC Prelims. The questions asked in Prelims of BPSC are factual in nature; thus revision and memorisation of the topics of the syllabus is of utmost importance.

Fundamental Pillars of BPSC Prelims Examination

History of Modern India, General Science, Polity, India and International Current Affairs, General Knowledge of Bihar and Current affairs of Bihar are the Key areas where aspirants should focus. If we look into the breakup of the question paper of 64th BPSC Prelims, we will find that maximum questions were asked from the sections mentioned above.

 64th Prelims Question Breakup


Number of questions asked in BPSC Prelims







Indian Economy


General Science


Bihar General Knowledge


Quantitative Aptitude


It is clear from the above fact that we must focus more on History, Current Affairs, General Science and Bihar G.K.

Strategy for Prelims

A. History

History is the most favourite subject of BPSC. Mostly questions are asked from the Modern History and Medieval History. NCERT's are always the best source for attempting the BPSC Prelims questions. Although if we look into the previous year Prelims questions, we have found that most questions asked in History were directly picked from the Lucent G.K book.

Even though NCERT books for History are a must for BPSC. Once you complete reading NCERT book, you can supplement NCERT books with Lucent G.K.

Ancient History: In ancient history, your focus should be given on the following topics:-

1) Buddhism and Jainism 2) Magadha empire 3) Mauryan empire

Medieval History: In Medieval History focus should be delivered on the following topics:-

1) Invasion of Muslims in Bihar 2) Pala Dynasty 3) Mughal Period 

Modern History: In Modern History focus should be given on the following topics:-

1) Role of Bihar in the freedom struggle. This is the most favourite topic of  BPSC in history. 2)Role of Bihar from the year 1900-1947. 3) Kisan Sabha 4) Non-Cooperation movement, Quit India movement and the role of Bihar in NCM & QIM.

B. Geography

NCERT book for class XI and XII is sufficient for covering Geography. Questions are asked directly from these books. We will suggest you read the Geography of Bihar from Bihar's G.K book along with the NCERT Geography book. 

C. Polity

Indian Polity by M. Laxmikant is the best book for polity, not only for BPSC but for all the higher competitive examination. This is the only book loved equally by all aspirants.

The focus should be mainly on these chapters i.e-Fundamental rights, D.P.S.P, Parliament, President and Governor.

D. Economics

BPSC does not ask too many technical questions from Economics. Lucent is the best book to be read for BPSC which must be supplemented by the Bihar Economic Survey, which is published every year by the Finance department of the Government of Bihar.

In the previous year papers, questions were directly asked from the Economic Survey of Bihar. Bihar Economic Survey 2018-2019

Some of these questions are:-

1) How much is the density of roads in Bihar?

2)What is the per capita power consumption in Bihar?

E. General Science

This is the most scoring part in the BPSC Prelims. NCERT books of Class 6th to Class 12th are the best source to be read. This must be supplemented from the Lucent G.K. Along with this, memorisation of the previous year questions on General Science of UPSC will be a game-changer. As the nature of questions asked in General Science is repetitive. For question bank, you should buy Samsamayik Ghatna Chakra on General science. 

F. Current Affairs

Current Affairs is mostly factual in nature where you have to reproduce what you have studied for six months. For this revision is the best way to score high marks. Pratiyogita Darpan and a Current Affairs monthly magazine are an excellent source for the BPSC. Questions were directly asked from the Pratioyogita Darpan. So missing it will lead you to lose miss the Mains examination hall bus.

G. Bihar G.K

There are lots of books on Bihar G.K. Some of them are Bihar Samagra by KBC Nano publications,  Imtiaz Ahmed book on Bihar. You may buy Imtiaz Ahmed objective questions book for Prelims.

H. Aptitude

Around ten questions are asked from this topic. You should practice this from any good CSAT book. The difficulty level of questions is moderate.

I. Previous year question paper of BPSC Prelims will be beneficial.

Last and vital aspect of BPSC Prelims Preparation is Test Series. This practice alone will enhance your BPSC Score by a lot. After you have covered your syllabus once, you should enrol in a Test Series and start giving Prelims test series.  

BPSC Mains Examination

 The BPSC Mains Exam consists of four papers that are General Hindi, General Studies-1, General Studies-2, Optional paper.

1. General Hindi

It is just a qualifying paper. For this, understanding Hindi Grammer and practising essay is necessary.

2. General Studies Paper-1

 According to THE syllabus, this paper is divided into three sections. Which are as follows:-

  1. History of India and Culture of India, Thoughts of Ravindra Nath Tagore, Gandhi and Nehru.
  2. National and international current events,
  3. Data interpretation.

 In the 1st section, questions are asked from Pala dynasty, Mauryan arts, Tribal movements, Role of Bihar in Freedom movement.

Till 63rd BPSC Mains the level of questions was easy, but now from 64th Mains analytical approach towards questions is expected from the examinee. 

Following questions which were asked in 64th mains will make you understand the new trends:

  1. a) Describe the Mauryan art and in what ways it is related to Buddhism.
  2. b) How Champaran movement is the watershed movement in the history of freedom struggle in India.

These types of question require an analytical approach and test the overall understanding of the aspirants. These types of questions can be tackled with the help of NCERT and Indian Freedom struggle book of  Bipin Chandra.

IGNOU book can help in dealing with the thoughts part of the syllabus.

P.S:  Simply memorising the fact and presenting it in the paper failed drastically in 64th Mains paper.

2nd Section is dynamic in nature, reading Hindu newspaper, making notes of the important events will help to answer all the questions. Analysis of trends and guessing questions will help a lot. 

Some of the questions asked were:

What is N.R.C? What do you understand by G.S.T describe.

3rd Section is Data Interpretation, which is the most scoring part in G.S paper 1.

The focus should be on the Pie chart, Bar Chart problems. Practice a lot of questions. Remember, practice makes a man perfect.

3. General Studies Paper-2

This section is also divided into three parts:- 

I.Polity   II. Economics and Geography    III. Science & Technology

In the 1st section,  Book advised for the Polity is Laxmikant and focus should be on Governor, President, Center state relations etc. Political development in Bihar and India should be carefully monitored. Newspaper is beneficial for understanding and guessing the questions as the newspaper editorial consists of different important topics.

In the 2nd section, Economics and Geography should be read from NCERT and newspaper. The questions which are asked from this section has a wider perspective. The focus should be more on agricultural issues of India and Bihar.

In the 3rd section, the paper has questions from Scientific development, Environment, Space technology etc.

Newspaper editorial, Science magazine and a TMH book of S&T is very much helpful. Focus should be on Climate Change, Renewable energy, Water Scarcity etc.

Another essential aspect of Mains Preparation is Test Series and Answer Writing. This practice alone will improve your answer writing capability as well as will help you to track your preparation. After you have covered your syllabus once, you should enrol in a Test Series and start practising answer writing. 

Be consistent with your preparation. Consistency and hard work are your best friends.

All The Best!

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