How to overcome your subject weaknesses during UPSC Civil Services Exam?

In UPSC Civil Services Preparation, all the aspirants are equal, and all of them have an equal opportunity to crack IAS. In UPSC Preparation process, all aspirants have their weakness and strengths. But we usually try to hide our weakness as it is unpleasant. Many a time we avoid to overcome the weaknesses.

Never hide or avoid your weakness, always try to overcome your weakness and make it your strength.

In this article, we will address you how to overcome your subject weakness and make it as your strength. Also, we share how to use SWOT analysis for your exam preparation and self-analysis.

Identify your Strength and Weakness

First and foremost thing in UPSC Preparation process is to identify your strength and weakness.

List your strength and weakness in a tabular form and identify where you want to improve.

Say for example, in each subject of UPSC Syllabus you may have strong zones and in the same way you may also weak zones.

SubjectStrong ZoneWeak Zone
GeographyOceonographyBio-geographyEconomic GeographyHuman GeographyGeomorphologyClimatology
HistoryMedieval HistoryModern HistoryArt and CultureAncient History
PolityConstitutional FrameworkConstitutional BodiesCentral GovernmentState Government
EconomyBasic ConceptsForeign TradePlanningMonetary PolicyFiscal PolicyEconomy Sectors

Also, try to make a similar tabular form for your IAS Exam preparation process. Identify your strengths and weakness during preparation, and where you are lagging behind. For instance, if you can remember many things but unable to present properly in your answer writing, then you need to concentrate more on answer writing.

Try to figure out your weakness and make it your strength by way of practice and hard work.

Solution to overcome your subject weakness

The best way overcome your subject weakness is by way of working on your subject strength.

Candidates would often like to spend more time on subjects they are interested in and try to avoid their weaker sections. Never do this in UPSC Preparation. Always try to give equal importance to all subjects.

UPSC exam demands smart work, and you should be in a position to assess your exam preparation and work accordingly to crack the civil services exam.

SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) is usually used for business and administration purposes to identify and rectify the problems which arise. The same tool can be used by IAS aspirants to assess their performance in UPSC Preparation.

Let us discuss how you can use this tool for your preparation.


First and the foremost thing is to identify your strength - your subject expertise based on your educational background, your skills and abilities like good memory and recalling potential, your subject interest, etc.


The next thing is to identify your weakness. It may be your handwriting, your subject weakness - you may be weak in Science & Technology or Economy.

Strength, weakness SWOT analysis for IAS Preparation


The strength and weakness are internal aspects, which are entirely under your control. The opportunity and threat part of SWOT analysis are external aspects. The opportunities may depend upon your time, money, access to coaching etc.


In UPSC preparation you may have various threats - it can be your marks, ranks, evaluation process etc. Although it is not in your control, you can work on various aspects to overcome the threats mentioned above by way of your hard work and determination.

SWOT - Self-Analysis

For assessing yourself ask few questions and try to find out a solution. Here we are providing few sample questions.


  • Which subject is your best scoring?
  • What are your positives traits in exam preparation?
  • Your advantages (like optional subject with educational background)
  • Resource availability
  • What subjects are you avoiding because of lack of confidence?
  • What is the skill set you are lagging? (like answer writing ability, your handwriting, etc.)
  • List out your drawbacks
  • Acknowledge the fears you are facing in exam preparation


  • Analyse yourself how can you handle your strength and convert your weakness into opportunity.
  • What are the obstacles you are facing?
  • What subject or section of the syllabus is affecting your preparation?
  • Are your negative thoughts affecting your preparation?

Here we have just given an outlook of SWOT Analysis, we advise you to try it and identify your strengths and weaknesses. In this assignment, try to be honest as far as possible because you are evaluating your preparation process to achieve your dream of becoming IAS. So be honest and assess yourself.

NeoStencil s solution to overcome your problems and weakness

We have come out with a solution to address your problem and weakness. As we mentioned earlier, you have to work on your subject weakness and make it as your strength. To help you in a better way, we have come out with course modules on General Studies Subject, Public Administration and Geography optional.

Instead of joining the complete course again to overcome your subject weakness, you can enroll in any module which you feel need more work.

Here is our course modules list for GS, Public Administration, and Geography Optional.

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