Seven Mantras to crack IAS Examination

The journey from an aspirant to an IAS officer is a long one. The journey is not a bed of roses but a pavement of hurdles and obstacles. You have to be consistent with your action and performance. It s a long-term process which requires persistence and patience. There is no foolproof scientific formula which can make you an IAS officer overnight. You have to work hard with the hint of smartness. The most important thing is you have to be updated with the current trend and you must have an excellent grip on General Studies. Though there is no 100 percent success mantra these are some useful tips which you can feel connected and relevant to you. Here we present to you seven mantras by the toppers to be successful in the IAS exam.

Seven Successful Mantras to Crack IAS

#1 Must-Have Books for Your Preparation

If you want to become an IAS officer, then your preparation has to begin with NCERT books. Think IAS, think NCERT. NCERT books are written by eminent educationists for school students in a lucid language, so it is the first step towards the preparation. You must be thoroughly gone through NCERT books from class 6th to 12th. After completion of NCERT books take some idea from ICSE books and there are some standard books which will help you to build an analytical base. This is going to help you to develop a basic idea about the subjects like Economy, Polity, History, Geography, Environment, and Ecology etc. This will be helpful in prelims as well as in answer writing while appearing the mains.

#2 Be Sincere towards Your Preparation

Sincerity is the most desirable trait for an IAS officer. So you have to be sincere towards your preparation. It becomes essential when it comes to updating with the current affairs. You have to follow newspapers like The Hindu, The Indian Express on regular basis. Make a journal to be updated with news and the editorials. The newspaper is a vital part of UPSC preparation. Go through the newspaper without a day miss. In the changing trend of UPSC current affairs is the most dynamic part. Articles on Science and Technology, Ecology, and Environment, Economy, Polity, Climate change, Disaster Management are crucial when it comes to questions in Mains. So be sincere with the newspaper and current affairs update.

#3 Setting Small Targets Towards Larger Goals

Motivation is very important, as preparation of UPSC is exhaustive. You have to stay motivated throughout your preparation. If you want to become a winner you must learn to walk alone first. It s obvious that you might feel depressed or sometimes out of content or may be out of focus. So you need motivation and accomplishment of task gives a pleasant experience which can trigger motivation. So set small targets and work for towards them. Praise yourself after the accomplishment of the target. It will boost your morale. Example-make a target of reading The Hindu s editorial in 30 minutes and make its gist in another 30 minutes. Then you can target to make it done in less time.

Try to complete a chapter in 2-3 hr. make a small target work for it, complete it and set another target. Don t stick to one subject for a longer duration.

#4 Make Revision Your Religion

It s not important how much you know, but it matters the most how deeply you know and how good at expressing those facts you know. This comes with regular revision. If you are studying around 4 hrs then sincerely dedicate 2 hrs for revision. This will sharpen your answers before the examination.

Regular revision makes you perfectly prepared for your examinations. Many a times candidates in examination hall feel they know the question or have gone through the question, but while answering they do wrong. This kind of situation arises when you are not done with your revision. So it is advisable to revise your subject as much as possible. The more you revise the more you can score.

#5 Practice is More Important- Keep Practising

There is a saying THE MORE YOU SWEAT IN PEACE, THE LESS YOU BLEED DURING WAR . It perfectly suits for the IAS preparation. The whole concept of this exam preparation is dependent on a lot of practice. You have to practice regularly. You have to write answers regularly and appear mock tests to check your preparation potential.

Practice includes revision and appearing mock tests and answer writing. If you want to crack the examination then you have to follow this regime religiously. Practice makes you perfect. The near-perfection helps you to crack this examination. The more you practice before examination the better marks you can score in the real examination.

#6 Change Begins Within

When you decide to appear this exam, you try to think like an IAS. Develop a lateral thinking; start thinking in a multidimensional way. Pick a topic and make a mind map and analyze it. To do this you have to develop a reading habit.

Being a serious candidate you have to be updated as well as sensible and have to develop a unique thought process. Remember a Leader is the one who does an ordinary job in an extraordinary way. These qualities you can acquire with the reading habit. This is your early preparation for the interview. This will mould you and make your interview ready. You should follow books which have a motivational message, inspirational biographies of famous personalities, creative journals etc. these will refresh your ideas and will motivate you constantly towards your goal. This will also help you to develop a constructive hobby and make your burden less for your interview.

#7 Healthy Lifestyle

You have to be physically and mentally fit throughout your preparation. Because your level of fitness is directly proportional to your efficiency. Fitness doesn t imply to go the gym and make a body, but do exercise regularly and don t be a couch potato. Do exercise, and yoga which will keep you agile and fresh.

Do regular meditation which will make your mind calm and make your brain more efficient. This will help you to retain the optimum.

Your calmness will be reflected in your answers and make them more effective.

Follow a healthy food habit. Don t eat a lot of junk food. Keep it minimal and consume more green leafy vegetable and drink more water. This will help you to keep your body healthy.

These are the seven golden mantras which will help you to be more efficient and to crack this prestigious examination.

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