How should I start my IAS preparation?

Well begun is half done Aristotle

Well Begun is half done IAS Preparation

One should have done all the ground work before start preparing for IAS exam. Students aspiring to become IAS should start their exam preparation with determination, dedication and hard work to reach the Mussoorie.

Here in the article, we will provide students with details about how one should start his/her IAS preparation.

How to Start UPSC Civil Services Exam Preparation

1. Basics need to be covered

When Students start their preparation they should lay a strong foundation for the UPSC Civil Services Examination. For that students should start their IAS preparation with an understanding of UPSC syllabus and exam pattern of UPSC.

In order to understand UPSC exam pattern students should go through Prelims and Mains

Previous years question paper for better understanding. (Note: Instead of answering questions in the Old question papers, students can use online resources to know the origin of questions because mostly UPSC asks questions based on current issues.)

Once students understand the basic properly they can develop the subject topics with the recent developments from current issues.

2. Recommended books and books need to be avoided

In the initial day s students start purchasing what are all the books they come across and start piling up in their study table. But at the end of the day, they would have not read a single book properly.

What we recommend students is to follow NCERT books and also refer to one standard textbooks for each subject. What is important in Civil Services preparation is understanding and analyzing ability be it for prelims, mains or interview.

Stick to a minimum number of books and read maximum time possible from the same sources. (Note: Students can refer other text as reference).

Smart Strategy for UPSC Preparation

3. How to read Newspaper

Develop a habit of reading newspaper on daily basis and at the same time make newspaper notes for revision.

Newspaper reading is the core of IAS preparation and students should be aware of how to read a newspaper for the Civil Services examination. Because students spend lots of time in newspaper reading and waste time on newspaper reading alone.

Current affairs play a crucial role in UPSC exams as it gives more importance to current issues. For that, students should be aware of the UPSC exam pattern to read current affairs better from UPSC exam point of view.

4. Regular mock test

Students should take a regular mock test after the initial days of preparation say after 3 to 4 months of start preparing.

Mock tests will help students analyze their preparation and also helps in identifying one s strength and weakness in any particular subject.

It is advised to students to take the mock test along with this they should also solve more previous year prelims and mains exam question paper.

5. How to revise

In UPSC Civil Services exam preparation, those who revise subjects before the exam has a higher probability of clearing exam than those who avoided the revision.

The best time to start revision is 30 to 45 days before the prelims exam and 20 to 30 days before the mains examination.

During the revision time, students should avoid reading new topics and revise as many times as possible the topics they prepared over the last 1 year or so. Because psychologically revision is very important for any exam especially for competitive exam like IAS exam it is more than crucial and critical in exam perspective.

6. IAS Coaching

Proper guidance and assistance are needed in IAS preparation especially in the initial stage of IAS preparation. As most of the aspirants don t have sufficient information and support for their Civil Services exam preparation.

There comes coaching as a rescue to them, because in coaching teachers provide the right guidance and support to the students in IAS preparation, as they were aware of exam pattern and UPSC trend. Most of the IAS mentors have more than a decade of experience in IAS preparation and teaching will provide proper guidance to students.

Note: Opting IAS coaching is up to an individual

7. Self-Study

Teachers can only share their knowledge and provide guidance in IAS preparation but it is the students who have to put lot of efforts and hard work to clear the prestigious exam.

Students should dedicate minimum 7 to 8 hours for studying if they prepare only for IAS exam. (Note:Working aspirants needed minimum 4 to 5 hours of preparation on daily basis.).

While preparing for IAS students should concentrate on more things and they should give importance to understanding the subjects instead of memorizing the subjects.

One should clearly understand that at the end of the day it is he/she is going to write the exam for that they need more practice and effort to clear the toughest exam.

UPSC IAS Topper Preparation Strategy

8. Overcome distraction

Concentration and Focus is the key to success!

As Swami Vivekananda says The power of concentration is the only key to the treasure-house of knowledge

Students should try to avoid their distractions during their IAS preparation. There are a lot of opportunities to get distracted during preparation be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media websites. So don t fall into those traps, always focus on your exams because if you miss or fail in the UPSC exams then you lost one year in life! So, don t get distracted and be committed towards your exam preparation.

9. Rectifying doubts

At the time of preparation, students will have numerous doubts regarding IAS preparation and once they start preparing they will have doubts in subjects.

We advise students to get their doubts cleared then and there either from your peers (friends and seniors) and from mentors and teachers. Because one cannot move forward with lots of doubts piling up during their preparation process.

Again, start your IAS preparation with a positive note and definitely, you will get positive results in future!

Guidance for UPSC Preparation

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