How to prepare IAS while working?

IAS Preparation Strategy for Working UPSC Aspirants

Among UPSC IAS preparing aspirants, there are different kinds of candidates. Two of the categories are students who are solely preparing for UPSC and those who are entirely focused on IAS preparation alone. The others are working professionals who are determined to balance both study and work and are preparing simultaneously for IAS Exam.

Working IAS aspirants have the ambition to become an IAS officer and though they would like to study full time they cannot because of their family circumstances or financial needs.

Problems faced by working IAS aspirants

Problem of balancing work pressure and family pressure

This is a general problem faced by all working professionals, but if that professional is also preparing for IAS, he/she will meet extra burden both from office and family, which hampers their part-time preparation.

Time Management

Most of the office working timing are 8-9 hours a day along with some travelling time. So, roughly it consumes 50% of the time in a day, leaving working professionals with little choice but to manage in the remaining time. Thus, time management is a massive problem for working IAS aspirants.

Here we provide IAS preparation strategy for working professional

Schedule Daily Plan

For working professionals, time management is most important in IAS preparation. Candidates can have their daily schedule by way of allocating two to three hours of their time for IAS preparation. If they can stick to their study plan, then they have a good chance of clearing this exam.

Proper Study Plan

Candidates should have a proper study plan, what topics need to be covered on a daily basis and have a clear study plan for the long term. A study plan will help working IAS aspirants to cover essential topics adequately and maintain a pattern.

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Daily News Update

It is the most important aspect of IAS preparation, which can't be omitted. It is advised for working IAS aspirants to read one National daily newspaper regularly, if not possible, they can read news from online medium too. But at the end of the day, IAS aspirants should be aware of significant national and international events happening around them.

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Proper Usage of Online Resources

Since, they won't have much time to make notes and writing answers, working IAS aspirants can rely on online resources for full courses, test series, current affairs, and so forth. Online resources are accessible from mobile also. They can prepare for IAS exam while on the move, say while travelling to work or so.

Weekend Planning

Most of the working professionals get weekends off from office, they should utilise those weekends judiciously for their IAS preparation. If possible, they can take any weekend courses from their nearby institutes or group study/discuss with their peer IAS preparing aspirants on weekends, that enhances their preparation more.

Proper Health Maintenance

It is said, Health is wealth.
Working IAS aspirants will have more workload from office, home along with their study. The thought itself is quite stressful. At times, IAS aspirants sacrifice on sleep, which also affects their health. It is advised for IAS aspirants, that they should have a healthy diet, proper sleep and even some relaxation time between their preparation by way of playing sports, listening to songs, watching movies to overcome their work pressure and stress.

Preparing for IAS is tiresome, as examination process itself takes almost one year.

Nothing is impossible in this world, if candidates work hard on IAS preparation, balancing their professional life, then nothing can stop them from qualifying UPSC IAS exam.

Move forward.

All the Best.

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