How much time needed for UPSC preparation?

UPSC Civil Service preparation needs more patience and hard work than any other competitive exam because the examination process itself can take almost one year (Covering three stages of Prelims, Mains and Interview). One of the most frustrating bits about UPSC IAS exam is that many candidates go up to Personality Test level and don t qualify. Most don t give up and start preparing from scratch. All of these factors make UPSC preparation tougher and harder.

As per UPSC eligibility criteria, UPSC instructs that candidates should have a minimum graduate level of educational qualification. Thus, candidates are eligible to write UPSC civil service exam either during their final year of graduation or after completion of graduation.

Time limit for UPSC preparation

There is no set rule for the amount of time required. It completely depends on the individual ability and potential and also when they start their UPSC exam preparation and consistency in preparation.

Scenario 1:

Few aspirants start their civil service exam preparation during their initial college years. During their college days, they would have laid a strong foundation of all general studies subjects and read all NCERTs. So, for most of them, one year after graduation is more than enough to crack the UPSC exam.

Eg: Tina Dabi (AIR 2015), started preparation during college period itself.

Scenario 2:

Most of the aspirants start their intense IAS preparation only after completing their graduation. Students who begin their UPSC preparation after completion of graduation tend to take more time in understanding basic concepts and examination process. So, for them, it would take minimum 1-2 years of preparation to crack this UPSC exam.

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Scenario 3:

There are many aspirants in India, who prepare for IAS exam while they are working. For them balancing work and preparing IAS exam difficult but still, they manage their time to crack UPSC exam. The time period for working candidates varies depending upon dedicated time allocated for IAS preparation along with consistency.

In UPSC Civil Service exam preparation one cannot fix the standard time limit for Preparation. There are many examples of aspirants who cracked UPSC exam in their very first attempt and also students who cracked in his/her last attempt.

If the student is completely dedicated and hardworking in the UPSC IAS preparation, then the time limit is not a matter at all, candidates won't spend time worry about the irrelevant matter, they will only target on getting their name listed in the FINAL merit list of UPSC recommendation.

Hope, your name also appears in that list in coming years.

All the best.

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