History Answer Writing Practice - Week 3 - Question 1

90 Days History Answer Writing Practice Question 1 for 18-Dec-2017

Instructions for Writing Answer

1. Write your answers in the comment section.

2. Experts will provide their feedback in reply.

3. Model Answers will be uploaded to this page next day.

4. Rectify your mistakes and progress further.

5. All the Best.

18-Dec-2017 - Question 1

Map question

Identify the following places marked on the map supplied to you and write a short note of about 30 words on each of them.

  1. A Neolithic site.
  2. A Neolithic site.
  3. A Harappan site.
  4. A Megalithic site.
  5. A Harappan site
  6. A painted-Grey-ware site.
  7. An inscriptional site.
  8. An important ancient city.
  9. An ancient port.
  10. A site of ancient cave-paintings

History map 2015



Model Answer

(1) A Neolithic site : Burzahom

(2) A Neolithic site: Mehrgarh

(3) A Harappan site: Kalibangan

(4) A Megalithic site: Adichanallur

(5) A Harappan site: Surkotda

(6) A painted-Grey-ware site: Hastinapur

(7) An inscriptional site: Girnar (Junagarh)

(8) An important ancient city: Vidisha (or Besnagar)

(9) An ancient port: Tamralipti

(10) A site of ancient cave-painting: Sittanavasal


Note: The model answer is only for your reference and not an ideal answer for the question.

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