History Answer Writing Practice - Week 12 - Question 3

90 Days History Answer Writing Practice Question 1 for 21-Feb-2018

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21-Feb-2018 - Question 1

Comparisons of the fascist regime of Italy with the nationalist socialist regime of Germany is almost inevitable. The similarities are obvious, but there are differences which are worth mentioning''. Comment. (15 Marks, 250 words)

Model Answer

Fascism as a rightist extreme national ideology took root in Italy and few years later in Germany. Hitler followed his own brand of fascism, which was more ruthless, is known as Nazism.

German Nazism and Italian fascism had many similarities like both:
  • were anti-communist, anti-democracy,
  • believed in totalitarian state,
  • attempted to make the country self sufficient,
  • glorified war,
  • emphasized the supremacy of the state.
Significant differences between fascism and Nazism:-
  • Rejection of the concept of race and anti-Semitism is what differentiated the Fascist ideology from Nazism the most;
  • Nazism spread much more deeply and widely in Germany than fascism in Italy;
  • The Nazi system was more efficient and successful with respect to economic self- sufficiency, elimination of unemployment;
  • Nazis were more brutal in their oppression and violated human rights to much great extent;
  • Mussolini was more successful in his policy towards church, he was able to reach an agreement with pope in 1929;
  • Constitutional positions of Mussolini and Hitler were different. In Italy, the monarchy had continued to exist and the King played important role in the end of Mussolini's rule. In contrast, there was no authority above Hitler in Germany to constitutionally dismiss or arrest him.
  • Unlike Fascism that glorified the state as the highest ideal, Nazism considered Aryanism as more important and viewed the state as living space of the master race i.e. ethnic Germans.
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