History Answer Writing Practice 2020 - Week 7 - Question Set 1

90 Days History Answer Writing Practice - Questions for 24-Dec-2020

History Syllabus Covered in Week 7

13. Early Medieval India, 750-1200: - Polity: Major political developments in Northern India and the Peninsula, origin and the rise of Rajputs - The Cholas: administration, village economy and society - “Indian Feudalism” - Agrarian economy and urban settlements - Trade and commerce - Society: the status of the Brahman and the new social order - Condition of women - Indian science and technology

14. Cultural Traditions in India, 750- 1200: - Philosophy: Skankaracharya and Vedanta, Ramanuja and Vishishtadvaita, Madhva and BrahmaMimansa - Religion: Forms and features of religion, Tamil devotional cult, growth of Bhakti, Islam and its arrival in India, Sufism - Literature: Literature in Sanskrit, growth of Tamil literature, literature in the newly developing languages, Kalhan’s Rajtarangini, Alberuni’s India - Art and Architecture: Temple architecture, sculpture, painting

15. The Thirteenth Century: - Establishment of the Delhi Sultanate: The Ghurian invasions – factors behind Ghurian success - Economic, social and cultural consequences - Foundation of Delhi Sultanate and early Turkish Sultans - Consolidation: The rule of Iltutmish and Balban

16. The Fourteenth Century: - “The Khalji Revolution” - Alauddin Khalji: Conquests and territorial expansion, agrarian and economic measures - Muhammad Tughluq: Major projects, agrarian measures, bureaucracy of Muhammad Tughluq - Firuz Tughluq: Agrarian measures, achievements in civil engineering and public works, decline of the Sultanate, foreign contacts and Ibn Battuta’s account

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1. Analyse the ordinances mentioned by Barani which Alauddin Khalji promulgated for market control. (2014) (10 Marks, 150 words)

2. Evaluate the theory of kingship of the Sultanate, discuss the deviations seen in the regins of different Sultans. (2014) 920 Marks, 300 words)

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