History Answer Writing Practice 2018 - Week 6 - Question 6

90 Days History Answer Writing Practice Question 2 for 21-Dec-2018

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21-Dec-2018 - Question 2

"Why did the British finally quit India on 15th August 1947? The Imperialist answer is that independence was simply the fulfilment of Britain's self-appointed mission to assist the Indian people to self-government." Examine. (2014) ( 20 Marks, 300 words)

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Model Answer

India become an independent country on August 15, 1947, and the British colonists termed it as matured day to leave India. They called their goal to establish self-government for India has been fulfilled.

Arguments of British in support of the view:

  • They were guided by the principle of ‘white Men’s Burden’ which tells that it is the duty of all white races to uplift the non-white races of the world.
  • British provided power to Indian people in phased manner and trained Indian leaders politically to run a government.
  • The hold of British over Indian land prevented India from World Wars and safeguarded her from the other colonial powers.

But, a close look into the issue can reveal the real cause behind the British retreat from India:

  • After the end of Second World War Britain did not remain as the most powerful country of the world, whereby USA and USSR emerged as the superpowers.
  • The Quit India movement had a lasting effect over the British government, they realized that people are ready to snatch power even with violent means.
  • Armed Forces of Britain were tired of long World War II and they do not want to engage in another long war in India.
  • There was a huge war debt over the government which was not possible to repay in near future.
  • The revolt of the Royal Indian Navy had revealed that even armed forces could not be trusted which was the strength behind the 200-year long rule over India.
  • On the issue of partition, communal violence had erupted in the different parts of the country and the government had failed to control it, they don’t want to take the blae of communal violence and left India before the declared date of the independence.


British may argue that they had fulfilled the goal self-government in India, but it was a compulsion under the prevailing political condition and they did not do it by choice. They left India because they were not in a position to hold it further.

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