History Answer Writing Practice 2018 - Week 10 - Question 1

90 Days History Answer Writing Practice Question 1 for 14-Jan-2019

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14-Jan-2019 - Question 1

Discuss how Japan industrialized after the Meiji Restoration. What were the consequences for its neighbours? (2018) (20 Marks, 300 words)

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Model Answer

After the restoration of rule of Emperor Meiji in 1868 Japan undertook major reforms to the industrialization of the country. The western ideologies and practices followed which helped Japan in rapid industrialization.

Planned Economic development: Japan sets targets and roadmaps first and then achieved those within the prescribed timeframe. Japan had disciplined and industrious manpower which helped in achieving an amazing economic and industrial progress.

End of European Economic Hegemony: The government herself borrowed money to help private industries. In 1870 the Meiji government set up a ministry of industries and opened modern coal mines. A machine tool factory was opened in 1871, and a glass factory was set up in 1876.

Development of Monetary and Banking System: Monetary system was regularised and nationalized. A nationalized bank was set up with the right to issue currency.to regulate foreign exchange dealings and to procure capital for foreign trade Yakohama Gold and Silver Banks were established in 1887.

Development of Means of Transport: In 1857 Japan launched its first steamship built without any western help. The shipbuilding dockyard of came into operation in 1865 and by 1868 Japan had 138 ships of western design. The first railway line in Japan was built in 1872. By 1890 the length of rail was about 1500 miles.

Development of the Post and Telegraph System: The postal system was introduced in 1871 and 1877 Japan become a member of International Postal Union, The first telegraph line was laid in 1869 between Tokyo and Yakohama and by 1895 Japan had 762 telegraph offices.

Agricultural Reforms: Agricultural reforms were introduced after the restoration of Meiji. The peasants were made owners of the land that they had tilling for the owners. Services from the agriculture experts from the west have been taken. Agricultural colleges were opened, cattle breeds were improved and best quality seeds were produced.

Now China had a favourable trade balance. To sale the manufactured goods and to fulfill the need for raw materials of the industries she needed colonies. The prosperity of Japan from the industrial revolution gave the base for Militarism. In 1872 Japan demanded a treaty relation with China in the line of western countries and bombarded the Korean coasts after she denied the opening of ports. Japan attacked China in 1874 and in 1878 and 1879 she occupied Bonnin and Rukia ports from China. Japan attacked and defeated China in 1894 over Korea issue. Japan Challenged Russia and in 1904-05 she fought with Russia over Korea and Manchuria issues and defeated her.

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