History Answer Writing Practice 2018 - Week 1 - Question 2

90 Days History Answer Writing Practice Question 2 for 12-Nov-2018

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12-Nov-2018 - Question 2

Delineate and account for the regional characteristics of the Neolithic period in India. (2016)

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Model Answer

Neolithic age in the Indian subcontinent commenced from 8000 BCE. It is characterised by the use of igneous stone tools, settled village life, domestication of animals, cultivation of food grains etc.


Regional Distribution:


1. Belan valley (U.P) - 6000BCE – The archaeological evidence at Koldihava have brought to light that the people of Koldihava were aware of both wild and cultivable varieties of rice in 6000 BCE.

2. Bolan valley (Pakistan) - 5000 BCE - – The archaeological evidence at Mehargarh have brought to light that Mehargarh was a flourishing village in 5000 BCE. The people lived a settled life, cultivated- wheat, rice, domesticated ram and goat.

3. Kashmir Valley – 2500 BCE. Burzahom and Gufkaral, evidence of pit-dwelling, cultivation of rice and barley, domestication of goat and sheep. Evidence of graves where a dog was buried along with man also found, typical in some Chinese cultures.

4. Eastern India – 2000 BCE to 1600 BCE – Chopanimando, Senuar, etc. prominent places. Evidence of bone tools (Chirand).

5. North-East India- 2000 BCE – Daojali Hadig, Assam valley etc. cultivated barley, domesticated goat, used stone tools.


6. Peninsular India – 2500-1100 BCE – phases of transition seen from unrefined pottery to refined redware, wheat, barley and pea cultivated, buffalo, donkey, goat domesticated.



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