Harsh Reality that Aspirants should know Before Starting UPSC Preparation

UPSC Civil Services Exam is a unique exam that involves a number of variables. These variables bring in an element of uncertainty because we never know which variable can jeopardize your chances of getting into the coveted list.

Let s peep into the details of this uncertainty.

UPSC Civil Services Prelims stage

It can end up being more difficult than even mains and interview

No one can predict which section is going to be highlighted. On a given day, you may feel most of the questions are easy or at times very difficult to approach. That can make all the difference. You can sail through the next stage or an abrupt end of an attempt.

The prelims is most uncertain in nature, It s like attempting a Yorker delivery, either you hit or get bowled. Because you need to get the right answer and that is binary in nature 0 or 1.

Even the toppers have found this stage of the exam a hard nut to crack. Be it, Ira Singhal (Rank 1, 2014), Tina Dabi ( Rank 1, 2015) or Anmol Sher Singh Bedi (Rank 2, 2016) all had borderline marks in prelims.

UPSC Civil Services Mains Stage

You will always be questioning your choice of optional, more so if you start comparing your performance with your peers.

Only if you score close to 300 on the optional subject will you be confident that you made the right choice. In all other cases you d be always be questioning your decision.

Not just this, there are some many other variables that also come into play at this stage of the exam.

UPSC Civil Services Mains Exam

Important factors to clear UPSC Mains Exam
  • You focused only on current affair analyzing the previous year s trend and a bouncer of static from UPSC. This happened in GSII in Mains 2016.
  • Your optional subject was the one chosen for butchering, Geography in 2015.
  • Your first few answer were not well written and you paid the cost for next fifteen. ( Always give equal importace to all the questions in the paper)
  • Your examiner was not able to relate to your answer.
  • Your presentation and handwriting were below average even though the content was good. So try to give importance to answer presentation as well

Like these, there can be many variables which can hurt your mains score and final selection.

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UPSC Civil Services Interview

Your interview board can decide your final selection and Rank even if you have equal marks in mains.

You never know which interview board will be assigned to you. Some UPSC interview board may be liberal and some may be strict. You will never know what aspect they liked about your personality and what they didn t.

These are some of the harsh realities of UPSC CSE but this does not discourage a UPSC CSE aspirant as the uncertainty is common to everyone. A UPSC CSE aspirant would have to handle even more uncertain and random events once selected for the services. This may be a way by which UPSC is testing the right sets of skills they need for the future bureaucrats.

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